Linkedin says these are the 5 jobs with the highest demand in Mexico


The Linkedin platform made an analysis during the pandemic to list the jobs with the highest demand in Mexico.

Jobs in the field of information technology and systems are those with the highest demand in Mexico by companies, according to the Linkedin platform.

An investigation by the employment exchange analyzed between February and March 2021 which positions were the most requested by employers.

Software engineer

The Software Engineer is a professional who analyzes, designs, programs, tests and maintains computer systems to solve problems.

Sales Executive

Sales Executives are in charge of managing the purchase and sale of products or services of the company. They coordinate strategies to bring in new clients.

Full Stack Engineer

Full Stadk Engineers handle all aspects of creating and maintaining a web application.


Sellers market products or services of a company.

Blockchain Developer

Through blockchain-based software, they ensure the confidentiality of information, define the functionality of the products, integrate the software with other applications, and so on.

Of these five jobs, the blockchain developer had a monthly growth of 2,580 percent, according to Linkedin.

Source: AM

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