Zozocolco de Hidalgo, Veracruz: a combination of tradition and ecotourism


Zozocolco de Hidalgo, Veracruz.- One of the many attractions of the state of Veracruz are its Magic Towns, and Zozocolco de Hidalgo is one of the must-see places for a trip that combines tradition and ecotourism. Zozocolco is located five hours east of Mexico City and is characterized by being stranded in the Totonacapan mountain range, the heart of one of the most important pre-Hispanic cultures in Mexico, this town is also called “Land of the Pitchers of Clay”, which is the meaning of its name in the Nahuatl language.

To explore this beautiful corner of Veracruz, you must start with the Historic Center, which preserves its colonial legacy in the Parish of San Miguel Arcángel, built around 1600 on the Cerro de las Golondrinas. Its cozy and cobbled streets invite you to walk through them and discover other cultural expressions, such as handicrafts, gastronomy, and local products such as coffee and vanilla.

To appreciate the harmony between the houses, buildings, and the natural environment of the mountains, be sure to visit the Mirador del Curato, which has the most privileged panoramic view of Zozocolco. Nature is a characteristic of the region, so ecotourism lovers will love to pay a visit to its beautiful waterfalls and pools, with crystal clear emerald green waters, framed by impressive rock formations.

In the surroundings of Zozocolco you can find the quiet and peaceful waterfalls of Callejón and “La Poza del Diablo”, the latter named after the legend that in pre-Hispanic times, the devil appeared there, defeated by a Totonac indigenous. One of the most beautiful bodies of water by nature is the Poza El Caliche, a rock formation with a tunnel or natural arch where the emerald and crystalline water is home to turtles and acamayas (a type of freshwater shrimp).

In the Los Cántaros del Sol Ecotourism Center, guided tours are offered to the different bodies of water in the region, and, in addition, you can complement the experience with guided hiking tours to the mountains, visits to local agricultural crops, experience in temazcal, zip lines, suspension bridges, and outdoor camping.

Finally, the gastronomy of Zozocolco is also an experience, the magic lies in the homemade dishes of the region such as mole, molotes, quelites, barbecue, mojarras, empapelados, and banana gorditas.

With a mild to warm temperate most of the year, Zozocolco de Hidalgo has accommodation for all levels, and is a clear invitation to explore the most picturesque and authentic Mexico, in addition to encouraging you to discover the natural and traditional wonders that Veracruz has to offer.

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