Danausbin places Yucatecan artisan talent internationally

The project seeks to transform works of art into specific products

With a view to integrating artists and artisans into the commercial dynamics, listening to their creative processes, the Danausbin project has managed to position Yucatecan talent in international destinations. Through five product lines, Nora Carrillo Bermejo and Alejandra Escamilla Puc honor the work of three artisans and three artists from the region.

Danausbin is a social and creative project whose objective is to support artisans and artists. What they do is transform their ideas into new directions they want to explore and with this, generate income. The program recently turned one year old, according to the entrepreneurs shared in an interview.

“On this first anniversary, with everything and a pandemic, we are selling in Mexico City (CDMX) and some of our products are already reaching destinations in Arizona, Germany, England, and France,” they celebrated.

The initiative focuses, explained Nora Carrillo, on transforming works of art, both by artisans and artists, into specific products.

Photo: Juan Manuel Contreras

“Many people live abroad or travel to all parts of the world, but they do not forget their origins and want to take them with them.” People continue to have this need, they agreed, so they changed travel items to household items, the latter with drawings by local artists, they added. 

Five product lines

They currently have five product lines: unique pieces, with works of art, mini paintings, recycled glass jars, and hand-painted wooden boxes; home, with table runners, napkin rings, cushions, magic cups, apron towels, and kitchen sets.

They also offer fashion, with masks and pajamas; accessories, consisting of cloth bags, pashminas, sleep masks, waterproof multi-use backpacks, and cosmetic bags and special editions, consisting of unexpected creations.

“It was a match between what the market wanted and what the artists and artisans want to do, as they seek to explore other forms of art and, given the contingency, their points of sale were closed and they needed a way to obtain income,” they detailed.

Photo: Juan Manuel Contreras

On the other hand, Carrillo Bermejo commented, there are people who are looking for products that somehow respond to their needs. That they were against the water, that they did not overflow and that they were sustainable, he added. “We found this match.”

Both were proud to comment that the people who make up Danausbin believe in the capacity of the project, in sharing, and in diversity. They are open to learning from each other. They have two modes of collaboration between the artisans who work with them.

Difficult situation for artisans

The artisan Rey Pech said that the beginning of the project coincided with the emergence of the pandemic, so many bazaars and artisan fairs in which they used to participate were canceled, which left them in a complicated situation and many were forced to change rotation.

In that sense, he described the initiative as “a brilliant idea” and encouraged his brothers – also artisans – to join. There are three artisans and three artists who make up Danausbin’s project, although there are more people who collaborate with them.

Photo: Juan Manuel Contreras

Currently you can find their products in Cachito México (in Mercado 60), Taller Rey de la Díaz Ordaz (in calle dos por Siete y 9) on the Danausbin page and on their social networks. Soon they will also be at Ecubia Market in CDMX.

Source: lajornadamaya.mx

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