Canaco Servytur seeks to strengthen alternative tourism for Mazatlán


It seeks to strengthen different types of tourism in the port, not only that of pleasure, better known as vacations.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Representatives of 14 Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism of the country came together to found the North-West Business Council of Tourism and Meetings, to seek alternatives to bring different versions of tourism, such as the conventions, romance, adventure tourism, medical, among others.

The National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mazatlán was the host. Roberto Lem González, president of this delegation, reported that this seeks to strengthen the tourism sector much more.

Canaco Servytur busca fortalecer 'turismos' alternativos para Mazatlán

Among the presentations that were made is that of the lawyer Rosa Cecilia Osuna Guerrero, who is president of the Specialized Section of Social Tourism and exposed what is the “Romance Tourism”.

Osuna Guerrero said that in the city more than 100 social events are held every fortnight and more than 2,000 social events a year, which generates more than a million pesos per event, not counting flights or road transport , benefiting the transport, restaurant and hotel sectors.

While, with each event, around 100 families benefit directly, not counting musicians, videographers, justices of the peace and flower shop. The latter had an economic loss of more than one million pesos in April.


While Cortez Ortega, from Canaco Servytur, Aguascalientes delegation, presented the topic “Tourism, Coupon, and Magical Towns”. There, he stressed that the “Magical Towns” do not receive resources at the moment so that resource should have been exploited more, that is why they must be looking more for tourism that the towns like to go out to the haciendas since they generate an economic spill.

While the lawyer Guillermo Romero Rodríguez, Vice President of Tourism of Canaco Servytur Sinaloa Sur and National Vice President of Hotels and Motels before Concanaco Servytur Mexico, presented the topic “Cities with economic and tourist growth in times of Covid”. There, the businessman recounted how they have fared during this pandemic, and stressed that tourism and commerce were greatly affected.


He said that in these times they have to join forces, worry about the future, that is why they have the strength such as business chambers and work for the good of the services of all those who are in commercial services.

Romero Rodríguez said that during the pandemic protocols were carried out in different stores, but it was for the good of all.

Faced with this situation, Mazatlán is having a very important economic recovery on a national level and that is why there are many visitors from different states of the Republic, such as the state of Jalisco.


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