What’s happening with Aeromexico?


Aeromexico has become a lousy company. I say this of course, from the customer’s point of view, which is supposed to be the most important thing, because an airline has its reason for being in carrying and bringing passengers, and yet if someone intends to purchase or exchange a ticket, it is a true Stations of the Cross.

Let’s see: you dial the customer service phone number, and an answering machine welcomes you and asks you to choose the option you require. There the problem begins. Because once you choose it, then wait for them to answer you is very long, sometimes more than an hour (it is not an exaggeration), during which you have to endure endless announcements of the good company that it is, of the agencies that they have certified, how much they appreciate their waiting time, and warnings that the call is going to be recorded for quality purposes (yes, they say!) in the service.

When someone finally responds, if you dare to complain, they hang up on you and you have to start the whole process from scratch. But if you bite the bullet and ask for what you need, each movement and each step takes a long time, and this is not an exaggeration either: ten minutes for them to find your reservation with everything and that you provided the key, fifteen minutes to review the data as if computers did not exist.

And depending on the time of day you call, this will be the price they give you for the ticket or for the change, without any logic to explain it. They call this “ dynamic fares ”, and it can lead to such absurd situations, such as changing the date of a ticket is more expensive than buying a new one.

Add to that the fact that those who answer the phone lie. They assure you that they have already made the reservation and then on the next call it turns out that it is not true, they promise that if the call is cut (which almost always happens), they will return it, but they do not. Not even the robot that promises to help on WhatsApp works.

But the most complicated thing, believe it or not, is to pay. Because some of those who attend may charge, but others cannot. That depends on whether they are in an office or at home. The bad thing is that you do not know, and if someone from the home office, as they call it, has to go back to waiting until someone else responds, and see if that is one of those that can charge and see if find your reservation details. In these comings and goings, you can spend several hours, even several days.

What about what was the most important airline in Mexico?

Does their inefficiency have to do with reducing staff? Or that they don’t mind serving the customer well because that doesn’t mean anything to them in their salaries? Or with which technologically they have not caught up?

A group of investors recently saved Aeroméxico from bankruptcy, but they are not doing much to have passengers for that. According to a specialized tourism outlet, customers are preferring other airlines. And this has less to do with prices than with care.

It is very sad to see this company go under. But the saddest thing is that customers are left with no alternative but to think that they deserve it

Writer and researcher at UNAM.


Source: eluniversal.com.mx

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