Your Mexico immigration document expired? INM offering to regularize your visa


Do you have your immigration document expired, which was issued in 2019 or previous years?

Go to the INM Representation Office (OR) closest to your home (Check locations here ), where they will give you specialized attention to resolve your immigration situation and update your document.

You can also call the INM Immigration Attention Center at 800 004 6264 or the telephone numbers of the OR of the INM of your residence entity (Consult here directory link), where they will guide you regarding the location of their office and requirements that you must present for your update.

Obtaining your immigration document will allow you to continue in Mexico on a regular basis, it will give you legal certainty and the possibility of having access to public and private services proving a condition of stay in our country.

Keep in mind that if you are a foreign person with a valid resident card, you do not need to update your information for this National Registry of Foreigners.

This effort is part of the updating of the National Registry of Foreigners carried out by the INM, based on articles 20, section VI, 63 first paragraph of the Migration Law and 130, section X of the Interior Regulations of the Ministry of the Interior.

June 24th

Mazatlan Expat 1st hand account of process;

Applying for Residente temporal with and EXPIRED VISA – NO you cannot do this if your visa is still active.


I took with me my passport, my expired visa and CFE bill and $15000 pesos. That is it. no appointment necessary, no financials, nothing.8:45 arrived at INM (Instituto Nacional De Migración) by bike2 couples ahead of me. I suggest coming with some sort of transportation that can stay and chauffeur you around. Doors opened at 9I snuck in ahead of the other two couples, I know the couples were not happy but they were couples and I was 1. I will buy them a beer. 🙂

I was #1 in INM.I was called straight to the counter. I said: I heard there was a new program for expired visas and I am here to see if I qualify. She took my passport and my visa and walked away. The next two couples were called up and said the same thing. NM employee was at the computer typing things in. She took some copies, there was a bit of a confusion as 5 people with expired visas were doing the same thing. The printer jammed but not for long. She asked me if I was doing this myself and I said “no Holga was helping me”. She then finished putting together all my papers and she said “take this to holga, she knows what to do”. I went to Holga and I was right to the counter. She filled my name out on 3 pieces of paper. These were the papers i took to the bank to pay. She then asked me some personal questions for another form like my height, my weight, my marital status, where I lived, et cetera for the forms. This is when I gave holga my CFE bill so she could write the address exactly. She filled everything out and then She then sent me to the BBVA on Olas Atlas With those 3 pieces of paper. She kept everything else. Even my passport. Then she said I need to make sure I got 3 receipts and my name must be exactly like it was written on the paper. I got on my bike at 9:22 and arrived at the bank (BBVA Av Olas Altas 67, Sur, 82000 Mazatlán, Sin.) at 9:30. and I said “pago aqui?” while showing her the papers and she said “Si” and gave me a ticket. And there was nobody at the bank so I was next The teller calculated the total, I gave her $13,129 pesos and she gave me 3 separate receipts as she inputted them and I had to verify my name was correct on each one. One receipt for $9927 pesos, one was for $1792 pesos and the last one was $1410 pesos. I rode back to Holgas and there were about 9 people in line. I went to the side of her window. I did not stand in line. Once she saw me, she took my paperwork and then I waited about 10 minutes. I had it back in my hand by 10:00 a.m. I paid her $500 pesos and I headed back to INM. Couple who had number 3 were already gone but couple number 2 hadn’t started yet. So it took half an hour for Holga to process the initial paperwork for 3 people. She began working on our stuff right away as she knew we would be back soon. She only took 3 at first. Once she finished processing mine, she processed couple #2. There were others using her services, not just people getting their temporals. At 10 am, I walked back into INM and I was now number 15. I was called up right away (there was one other guy there getting his residente permanente). I handed in my paper and I was told to sit down. The couple who had number 3 arrived at INM at about 10:30 AM. The wife had 1 word missing on her form. She could not write it in, Holga has to do it. She had to go back to Holga. She came back with no other problems. I received my 1st email at 10:36 saying they are processing me. At 11:03 I received my 2nd email telling me I now have an account that I could log in to I was called up (they used my middle name so if you have a weird first name like me, listen for it) and they took my picture with a cell phone and told me to sit back down. At 11:43 I received my 3rd email. It kind of said what the first one said, I am in processing. A few minutes later, I was called again to “sign” the electronic pad. DO NOT touch the line with your signature. Then a few minutes later I was called to the front to have my picture taken and my fingerprints done. It is not really your fingerprints, it is kind of the whole fingers themselves, 4 fingers on each hand then the thumbs together. They give great instructions in English. Picture was front, profile left and right, no glasses, no smiling, and hair tucked behind the ears. A few minutes later they called my middle name again and she handed me a card and a piece of paper and said “welcome to Mexico”. The other lady said more to the guy who got his card before me.

But the lady helping me had less English.I walked out of the office at 12:07 with my card in handI can apply for my permanente in 2025 🙂Couple #3, husband got his card about 30 mins before me, wife is still waiting at 215, likely due to the error on her form.Couple #2 wife got her card at 1:50. Hubby is still waiting.No one knows how long this will be offered.

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