The best destinations to go surfing in Mexico


Mexico is not perceived as a tourist destination for surfing, this is an undeniable truth, but the truth is that the surf scene in our country is a tangible reality. Although this water sport in Mexico does not reach the mainstream of our culture, around the world thousands of surfers dream of sliding on the waves that hit the beaches of our country and it is time to consider it as a vacation activity to enjoy the sea from another perspective.

Considered one of the favorite activities in cities like California, Hawaii, and Australia, surfing is more than a great physical activity and a competitive sport; it is above all a way of life that has in its DNA qualities such as spirituality, love for nature, well-being and a lifestyle in harmony. 

In recent years, surfing has reached a new level of popularity thanks to the new generation of athletes and the interest of the youngest, who are interested in the current lifestyle, which shows us that it has achieved a boom in the industry of this sport and tourism. 

The surf is about to become an Olympic sport, with its debut scheduled for the next Olympics in Japan in the summer of this year. 

If with all of the above the spark is still not lit within you to try this sport, we leave you a list of the five best Mexican beaches for you to try when the quarantine ends. Within the list, you will find beaches located on the Pacific coast, ordered in relation to the level of experience of the surfer, from beginners or novices to experienced surfers or those looking for a new wave to master. We know that there are many more places in Mexico that offer the conditions for this activity but without a doubt, these are our 5 favorites: 

La Saladita, Zihuatanejo

La Saladita is the name of a town in Guerrero, just 35 minutes from Ixtapa Zihuatanejo. In this small town, you can find one of the best-kept waves in Mexico, excellent for beginners and novices, with the plus of having at least two surf schools on the beach. Here you can spend whole days dominating the biggest waves while enjoying the scenery.

La Saladita is an ideal beach for longboarding: a slower, more relaxed style of surfing that allows you to walk on the board and flow on the waves, which every amateur surfer yearns to do. This destination has become a cult site for the surfing community in Mexico and the world. 

Sayulita, Nayarit 

One of the best-known tourist destinations in Mexico, the town of Sayulita, attracts all kinds of national and foreign tourists for its warmth and comfort to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. With travel options ranging from budget to luxury residences, this Nayarit beach offers a wide variety of activities, including surfing

Its different beaches make it an excellent place for all types of surfers, with simple and not-so-fast waves and more exciting waves at different times of the year. The perfect destination for a trip with friends who are not only looking to spend time at sea but are looking for gastronomy, relaxation, and nightlife. 

Todos Santos, Baja California Sur

This magical town, as well as other parts of the Baja California peninsula, has been one of the secret spots for Californian tourists and surfers for decades. Its colorful and colonial architecture, as well as its climate and gastronomy of the region, are just a plus for the beaches of this place. 

Todos Santos is a perfect place to spend a vacation surfing a wave that will amuse both novices and experts, as well as to relax in luxury resorts or spend the afternoons walking through the streets of the town. In addition, Baja California is a great destination for all types of tourists, this national territory is characterized by having the most varied ecosystems, ranging from valleys, deserts, and beaches; ideal for an adventure-filled vacation. 

Revolcadero Beach, Acapulco  

If you are surprised to learn that Acapulco has a surf spot, you will be even more surprised to learn that it is not the only one along the coast of this city. Playa Revolcadero is located within one of the most exclusive areas of Acapulco, one that you probably already know, we are talking of course about the Diamond Zone. 

This beach is not for novice surfers, its name comes from the strong currents that the waters that flow into this place have, and therefore it is not common to see surfers there unless it is on the dates in which the Surf Open League, a professional competition, makes a stop in Acapulco. But don’t worry, if you want to start your career as a professional surfer, other beaches in Acapulco like Bonfil offer calmer waters and there is even a surf school where you can rent everything you need for your weekend. 

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

The most dangerous and largest wave in Mexico, worthy of an annual stop on the professional big wave surfers tour, the Big Wave Tour. These waves are for experienced surfers, both professionals and local surfers who throughout their lives have been in charge of dominating this beach. If you want to surf this colossus, take all the necessary measures, do not be afraid to ask the local surf shops all your questions. Puerto Escondido is a great place to relax after the waves with its offer of resorts and cultural activities, two other great excuses for you to visit after the pandemic.


It is a small fishing community in Oaxaca, located between Mazunte and Zipolite. It has an admirable biodiversity, and its beach has excellent waves for surfing , leisurely swimming and snorkeling . It is the perfect destination for an escape from the routine, whether you decide to take a boat tour through its crystal clear waters, go on a rafting excursion in the area, or simply eat a delicious fried fish next to the beach, San Agustinillo is a ideal destination to enjoy.


Located 30 minutes south of Manzanillo, it is known among tenants for a tsunami that in 1932 destroyed almost the entire city. Since then, La Ola Verde de Cuyutlán has become a legend that fascinates surfers around the world, who constantly seek the adrenaline that its emerald green waters bring. The best time to visit Cuyutlán is during spring or summer, when the waves reach up to eight meters in height. Next to the sea you will find restaurants, hotels and bars, such as the Hotel Oasis Cuyutlán , you can also visit its Ecological Sanctuary of the Turtle.



This Nahuatl community on the Pacific coast is a little surfer’s paradise Its beach is known for its strong point break waves , perfect for all levels of surfers . No matter what time of year you visit La Ticla, we assure you that you will find the best waves, and a peaceful environment full of tranquility. You can also visit its Sea Turtle Protection Center and its picturesque handicraft markets.


San Juanico, Baja California Sur

Home to nothing more and nothing less than the second largest wave in the world, which is possible to tackle in Scorpion Bay. Professionals will be able to compete in the international championship of San Juanico’s Scorpion Bay Surf Tournament, to show their skills.



Mazatlan and other areas of Sinaloa state are known throughout the surfing community for their excellent conditions year-round.  There are waves for all skill levels in Mazatlan, from beginner to expert.  Our Ultimate Surfing Adventure will take you where the surf is perfect for your skill level, including the most famous spots like Playa Bruja, Playa Olas Altas, Cerritos Beach, Cagadazo Beach, and Playa Los Pinos.  The great thing about Mazatlan surfing is you don’t have to travel far to get to these great spots – you just need to have someone show you where they are!

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