WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram have failures across Mexico


WhatsApp experiences failures at night on May 17. The messages take time to be sent and also to receive them, as we have verified in Xataka Mexico. The reports have caused a momentary upturn in the failures reported to the Downdetector platform, where it is visible that most of the reports come from Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Puebla.

WhatsApp Has Faults In Mexico Cdmx And Guadalajara Are The Most Affected

The same goes for the Facebook and Instagram apps, only there are differences in where the reports come from. Facebook’s crash map reflects other impacts outside of large metropolitan areas.

2021 05 17 20 36 49 Map Of Faults And Problems Notified Of Facebook Downdetector And 6 Pages Ma

Meanwhile, Instagram’s crash map is more similar to WhatsApp’s:

2021 05 17 20 37 38 Map Of Bugs And Problems Notified Of Instagram Downdetector And 6 Pages M

Minutes after the reports started in the three previous apps, Facebook Messenger has also been added.

2021 05 17 20 44 41 Downdetector And 4 Pages More Personal Microsoft Edge

It is noteworthy that the drops seem to be exclusively in Mexico, as the failure reports have not increased on the global down detector site.

The last big fall of the three services was on April 8, and before that the last failure was on March 19.

WhatsApp and Facebook are the social platforms most used by Mexicans according to the MX Internet Association, followed by YouTube and after Instagram. The Facebook conglomerate accumulates more than 200 million accounts in Mexico between the three apps.

Source: xataka.com.mx

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