Toluca creates a mobile application for citizen security


Users can report incidents, emergencies and disappearances of people and pets in real time

With the aim of creating the most advanced and interconnected community aid network in the world, they launch in Mexico: Facia, an app that, using the power of artificial intelligence, provides security to people, families, and even pets; users can report incidents, emergencies, and missing people and pets in real-time.

In this regard, David Torres, coordinator of said application in Mexico, explained that this system, which already works in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and now in this country, makes it the first community security app in the world that, using the power of artificial intelligence, brings security to people, families and pets.

He indicated that Facia allows users to report incidents, press panic buttons, follow up with relatives, in addition to adding a biometric registry of relatives or pets -dogs, cats-, as well as search and identification of missing persons, as well as the generation of codes. “Unique identification QR”.

With regard to incident reporting, he said, any user will be able to report incidents in their area or city and a notification will reach nearby authorities and users so that they know about the incident and provide help.

In the panic button, David Torres detailed, users with urgent problems will be able to press the panic button to request help, and therefore, the notification will reach nearby users and authorities so that they can help them.

In what has to do with searching for people, he reported, users will be able to report the disappearance through Facia, so a notification will immediately reach users and authorities around the world, in this way, through a facial recognition scanner, it will be possible to collaborate in the identification and recovery of the disappeared person, in addition to the fact that the system also serves to identify people.

” This also works with the search for pets, as users can report the disappearance of dogs or cats, and with a notification it will immediately reach users and nearby authorities, in this way through an animal facial recognition scanner it will be possible to collaborate in the identification and recovery of the missing pet ”, he clarified.

Facia, he added, also has an interactive map in which users can navigate and see the different reports, incidents or disappearances in their area, in addition to being able to mark places of interest or track the location of their loved ones linked to the App.

“ This application has geolocation technologies that allow users to know and report all kinds of mishaps in real-time, with an exact and precise location service, in addition to the fact that, through the use of artificial intelligence, our algorithms make Facia an App unique in its kind, helping our system to optimize processes and providing the power of effectiveness in processes “, he stressed.

Likewise, he stressed that the human and animal facial recognition system has accuracy levels of more than 99.96 percent, while push notifications allow users to be hyperconnected and receive reports of what happens in their community in real-time and on your device.

Finally, he announced that to achieve the expansion of this system, they will grant a very significant number of applications for free, for which they made a call to interested citizens to contact them by email at

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