Oaxaca’s designer ‘Alebrije’ suit dazzles at Miss Universe


The typical costume designed by Avelino Roque, originally from Tuxtepec, captivated in the Miss Universe 2020 pageant.

Oaxaca.- The Mexican Andrea Meza wore the ‘Alebrije’ outfit on Thursday night, by Oaxaca designer Avelino Roque, in the Typical Costume category of the Miss Universe 2020 pageant.

The designer from Tuxtepec was inspired by the color and magic of alebrijes to make the costume that represented Mexico in the most recognized beauty pageant.

“The alebrije being the fantasy, mysticism, culture and tradition of our Mexican land,” said the designer in a social media publication.

Andrea Meza is 26 years old, is from Chihuahua and is a graduate of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, from where she graduated as a Software Engineer.

She is an activist focused on the rights and inclusion of women and even currently works with the Municipal Institute for Women.

She is also an ambassador for tourism in Chihuahua and has been part of a charity that raises funds in India, Indonesia and China.

Andrea Meza, Mexican female power to the world

Miss Mexico and engineer Andrea Meza seeks to raise the country’s name in Miss Universe 2021 (to be held this May 16), a contest to which she seeks to bring a feminist message and the voice of all women who have been victims of violence “And they have dared to break the silence.”

“Mexico is going through a very complicated situation with regard to gender issues and it is much more noticeable now because we are daring to talk about it and little by little we are eliminating taboos. The main problem lies in education, in how we have grown and the way in which they have taught us how we have to be, gender roles ”, he shared.

With her participation in Miss Universe 2021, Andrea Meza assured that she seeks to expose the voices of Mexican women who have suffered some type of violence and who have dared to break the silence, in order to inspire others to speak up, break the sexist pact and be empowered.

Miss Mexico is a systems engineer, a career she chose because since she was a girl she fell in love with computers, in addition to being excellent at quickly solving problems. However, he regretted that said union continues to be macho, since society still has the idea that this profession (and similar ones) are for “men.”

Andrea Meza said that her engineering background is not at odds with beauty contests, because in contests she usually applies knowledge of the field, mainly problem solving, she assured.

Source: oaxaca.quadratin.com.mx, diariomarca.com.mx

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