Hailstorm in Michoacán paints roads white (VIDEO)

In the municipality of Ario de Rosales, the roads were painted white due to the large amount of hail. (Photo: TV Azteca)

Heavy rain accompanied by hail in Michoacán, left ice on roads and neighborhoods in the municipalities of Ario de Rosales and Uruapan during the afternoon of this Thursday, May 13th.

The strong hailstorm painted the municipality of Ario de Rosales white, as well as the Angahuan community in the Uruapan municipality, without serious damage being reported so far. Municipal authorities recommended slow traffic on the roads until the asphalt ice layer decreased.

Motorists reported the fall of hail on the Pátzcuaro – Ario de Rosales highway, where in a matter of minutes the roads and wooded areas began to turn white.

While almost simultaneously on the Purépecha Plateau, Angahuan residents were surprised by another hail storm and immediately began posting images of streets and houses covered in a thick layer of white hail.

Civil Protection activated the corresponding review protocols to rule out any emergency, without any serious incident reported so far.

Meanwhile, the Michoacan State Public Security Secretariat deployed an operation in the municipality of Ario de Rosales, in which State Police officers carried out support work for the population, given the damage caused by the rains.

Source: TV Azteca

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