Morena’s Víctor Fuentes resigns to his candidacy for mayor of Monterrey

Victor Fuentes Solis

MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON.- Víctor Fuentes Solís resigned from the candidacy for mayor of Monterrey to which he was nominated by the coalition “Together we will make history in Nuevo León”, led by Morena, considering that there are no conditions for healthy political competition.

The announcement comes two days after the debate of the mayoral candidates in that city.

Through a statement, the former senator explained that, after the interference of Governor Jaime Rodríguez in the National Action Party, he agreed to be the coalition’s citizen candidate.

Fuentes Solís stated that he decided to quit on the best terms, ” I´m just hoping that this inadequate contest in the elections does not continue to damage public life,” Fuentes Solís stated.

“Another reason for my resignation is the fact that in Monterrey and throughout the country, a sterile struggle is being held between important actors of political and economic power, which will possibly lead the election to an unprecedented level of hostility, in which no one will win”, he continued.

Victor Fuentes Solis

“All of this has led me to the sad decision to renounce my candidacy for mayor of Monterrey because there are definitely no conditions for healthy and high-level competition. Today, instead of even and fair competition, we have entered into an exhausting situation where we seek to win based on pressure, lies, attacks, accusations, dirty war, discredit, denunciations, etc … “

He pointed out that in the next few days he will rejoin his work in the Senate of the Republic, finally asking the contenders for Monterrey to offer solutions with a human sense.

Meanwhile, this week the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) announced that it had opened an investigation against Samuel García and Adrián de la Garza, candidates for the Government of Nuevo León, for alleged electoral crimes.

Source: El Financiero

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