ICA, OHL, Olegario Vázquez and Carlos Hank sign up for the Mexico-Toluca Train station


The businessmen Luis and Mauricio Amodio Herrera, Manuel Muñozcano, Olegario Vázquez Aldir, Carlos Hank Rhon and Santiago Villanueva compete.

Ingenieros Civiles Asociados SA de CV (ICA), the company that built the underground section and 4 of the 9 stations of Line 12 of the Mexico City Metro (which does not include the section where it collapsed on May 3), seeks to build the Vasco de Quiroga station of the Mexico-Toluca Interurban Train.

On May 7, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) received 5 economic proposals from 14 companies as part of the national public tender LO-009000988-E6-2021, which aims to build the Vasco de Quiroga station, which was not contemplated in the original project but was added by the present administration.

It was the head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, who requested the accession of said station, to connect the new University of Health and the so-called fourth section of the Chapultepec Forest, where the military field 1-F was located. of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), which is part of the presidential project of the Chapultepec Cultural Complex.

The proposals

The lowest proposal was from Constructora de Proyectos Viales de México SA de CV, a subsidiary of the Spanish group OHL, which in joint participation with CAABSA Infraestructura SA de CV proposed an amount of 383 million 915,537.62 pesos.

In 2020, the owners of Grupo CAABSA, Luis Fernando and Julio Mauricio Amodio Herrera, bought 16% of the shares of the OHL group, becoming the majority shareholders of this company. With CAABSA they are building the civil works for section 3 of the Mexico-Toluca Train, which goes from the exit of the Sierra de las Cruces tunnel to the Observatory.

Gami Ingeniería e Instalaciones SA de CV, of the businessman Manuel Muñozcano, together with Jaguar Ingenieros Constructores SA de CV proposed an offer of 403 million 622,339.43 pesos for the construction of the Vasco de Quiroga station.

Gami is the engineering and construction division of Grupo Indi, which has been in charge, among others, of the construction of the second floor of the Periférico San Jerónimo-Las Flores, the depressed Mixcoac vehicle, the terminal and control tower of the failed Nuevo Mexico City International Airport (NAICM) and the maintenance of the Interior Circuit.

The third lowest proposal, with 408 million 170 thousand 565.01 pesos, was that of Promotora y Desarrolladora Mexicana SA de CV (Prodemex), of the businessman Olegario Vázquez Aldir, who is in a consortium with Inmobiliaria Teca Poniente Nuevo Milenio (company of Roberto Alcántara Rojas , owner of Viva Aerobús, and concessionaire of the Observatorio Modal Transfer Center), Montgar Ingeniería SA de CV and Constructora Industrial Metálica SA de CV

La Peninsular Compañía Constructora SA de CV, of Grupo Hermes, of businessman Carlos Hank Rhon, who is in consortium with ICA and Holding Prefabricados SA de CV, also wants to participate. His proposal was 434 million 127,748.63 pesos.  

ICA has already worked on the Mexico-Toluca Train. He was in charge of the construction of section 2, which consisted of a 4.7-kilometer-long two-tunnel, which crosses the Sierra de las Cruces and means the entrance of the train to Mexico City. The civil work was completed last October when the electromechanical laying (track system) was carried out.

Finally, VISE SA de CV, of the businessman Santiago Villanueva, in joint participation with Gonzalo Soto y Asociados SA de CV, PILOTEC SA de CV and Grupo KOPIL SA de CV, launched an economic offer for the construction of the Vasco de Quiroga station of 545 million 506,425.87 pesos.

Gonzalo Soto y Asociados SA de CV is part of the construction consortium of section 3 of the Mexico-Toluca Train, headed by Grupo CAABSA, which is also seeking to win the tender to build the Vasco de Quiroga station.

The result of the tender will be known on May 26, and the signing of the contract with the construction consortium that wins tender LO-009000988-E6-2021 will be on May 31, to begin work on June 1.

Source: forbes.com.mx

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