University of Washington study estimates 600,000 deaths from Covid-19 in Mexico


The IHME study noted that the coronavirus has caused 6.9 million deaths worldwide, double what reports indicate.

Like most of the countries of Latin America, Europe, and Asia; Mexico could have a higher number of deaths from Covid-19 than those reported by health authorities; in this case, about 400,000 more than the official data, highlighted a new analysis by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

The estimates of excess mortality from the IHME showed that while between May 3 and 4, about 217,694 deaths due to coronavirus were officially reported, the real number of deaths could reach 617,127; 183% more than that reported by government agencies, this because, like other nations, only reports on deaths that occur in hospitals or in patients with a confirmed infection.

Likewise, the new IHME analysis that seeks to highlight the true number of victims of the pandemic, placed Mexico as the third country with the highest total number of deaths from Covid-19 worldwide, only below India, which counts 654,395 and the United States, with a total of 905,289 deaths.

The study also noted that the coronavirus has caused 6.9 million deaths worldwide, more than double what official reports show.

By region, Latin America and the Caribbean and Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia were the most affected in terms of total deaths, not counting the deaths caused by the interruption of the pandemic in health care systems and communities.

“As dire as the pandemic may seem, this analysis shows that the actual death toll is significantly worse. Understanding the actual number of deaths from Covid not only helps us appreciate the scale of this global crisis, but it also provides valuable information for policymakers developing response and recovery plans, “said Dr. Chris Murray, director of the IHME.

For estimates of excess mortality, the IHME calculated total deaths from Covid-19 by comparing deaths from all causes based on pre-pandemic trends, with the actual number of deaths from all causes during the pandemic.

Source: El Economista

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