Civil Protection warns of cyclone formation in Oaxaca


OAXACA, May 7, 2021.- The State Coordination of Civil Protection reported that this weekend rains with electrical activity and gusts of wind are expected in much of Oaxaca.

In a statement, they detailed that two low pressures in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Gulf of Tehuantepec will cause an increase in humidity, developing rains of variable intensity, especially in mountainous areas.

The hurricane and tropical cyclone season in Mexico is expected to begin on May 15.

In this way, for this weekend a possible tropical cyclone is expected, which will generate cloudiness with the probability of showers and electrical storms.

Likewise, north winds will continue to appear with some occasional gusts due to the passage of cold front number 55 and the mass of cold air that drives it, especially in the east of the Isthmus.

This Friday in the City of Oaxaca a hot environment will prevail with a maximum temperature of 32 degrees and in the afternoon storms with electrical activity are expected.

Civil Protection recommended that the general population take their precautions and stay informed of the meteorological changes that may occur.


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