CARTEL CONTROL: Businessmen warn that Cancun’s beaches are under the control of organized crime


CANCÚN, QUINTANA ROO.- The beaches of Cancun are under the control of organized crime without the authorities doing anything to address this situation, which has even caused the closure of businesses or that some establishments change their direction, warned Iván Ferrat Mancera, president of the Caribbean Business Coordinating Council.

The business leader indicated that precisely in a meeting held today with the nautical association in which Eloy Peniche and Carmen Joaquín, candidates for federal deputies of the “Va por México” alliance, were present, the third and fourth districts, respectively, were addressed the serious issue of insecurity.

According to the nautical ones, the beaches are taken over by organized crime, which threatens, extorts, demands fees for the right of the floor, among other things.

 Cancún narcotráfico

He added that this situation is alarming, to the extent that several entrepreneurs made difficult decisions, such as selling their businesses or changing their line of business.

 “We have a great coastline where we can attract investment in marine infrastructure, but if this problem continues to grow, it will not be attractive for investment. More work is required on the part of the corresponding authorities ”, he pointed out.

“Organized crime has been taking over the beaches for a long time, there have even been operations, the last one was when a clandestine beach club was evicted,” he added.

Ferrat Mancera said that some businessmen who work directly on the beaches are the most affected and have had to sell the business and with that money undertake another turn.

“Personally, there are some cases, I cannot mention them. There would be less than 10 in the last year that was complicated by the pandemic, they stopped receiving the income they normally obtained and they also have to deal with crime, “he added.


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