Can we stop the destruction of Mexico? (Opinion)


by Fernando Herrera

Have you ever wondered, what kind of country is Mexico becoming with the López Obrador government? If you have, then we share the same diagnosis: that things are going very badly in Mexico. But if there are so many negative signs that we see, why haven’t we been able to put a stop to the obvious destruction of the Nation?

The setbacks that we have experienced in these 2 years are very serious. Mexico ceased to be one of the twenty-five best destinations for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in López Obrador’s first year, Pemex canceled the rating contract with Fitch Ratings (which will significantly devalue the power of the company worldwide) and one single year (2020) there was a capital flight of 257 billion pesos, something that had never happened before.

The national economy went from growth of between 2 and 2.1% in the past administration to a contraction first (0.0%) and then to a decrease (-0.2%). According to specialists, it is the worst start of a federal administration in the last 70 years. In addition to the financial disaster, the López Obrador government made serious mistakes in health policy, such as eliminating Seguro Popular and centralizing the purchase of medicines; and in terms of social assistance, such as canceling the support for children’s stays and other important care programs for the population.

In the realm of public security, the setback is also evident. The tolerance that the federal government has had with criminal groups has caused us to go from “war” to submission and ungovernability. Recently, for example, the López Obrador administration recognized that there are 37 criminal groups in the country and that at least one drug trafficking cartel operates in each and every Mexican state. The United States military authorities consider that up to 35% of the national territory is controlled by the cartels.

In this terrible breeding ground, where, by the way, the worst health tragedy in the country’s memory is inscribed, the destruction of the institutions has begun. The Superior Auditor of the Federation (ASF), the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), the National Electoral Institute (INE), and other autonomous bodies, whose nature is to serve as a counterweight in the Mexican institutional design, are in the crosshairs of this government. López Obrador bets on two things: either he controls them or he destroys them.

And thus, we have seen the debacle underway, amidst brave and plausible resistance, but isolated and uncoordinated among themselves. The FRENAAA movement, the struggle of parents of children with cancer, the resistance of the national press and critical analysts of the government; the struggle of the opposition parties in Congress, the efforts of former presidents and other national political figures who have returned to the spotlight and social media to raise awareness; and of course the governors who have stood up to the abuses of the Federation. All of them in their struggle and all seek the same thing: to put a stop to the destruction of Mexico.

The election that is only one month away, will be the first stop to avoid derailment. Taking the majority away from Morena in Congress and preventing the arrival of more allies represents the most important dam against the wave of authoritarianism and imposition that has spread over the Nation. Generating a balance of political forces is the immediate and most important step at this time. Yes, it is possible to put a stop to the destruction of Mexico, and the useful vote, on June 6, is the way to start.

by Fernando Herrera for LJA MX

Source: LJA MX

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