Mazatlan’s Cerritos Beach is one of the most polluted in the port


Tourists continue to ignore the recommendations not to pollute the beach area, and unfortunately, this is what this sector looks like, one of the most polluted in the port

Mazatlan Sinaloa .- An important source of contamination is observed in one of the most symbolic beach sectors of MazatlánPlaya Cerritos, which today are garbage because everything is left there, from glass bottles, old coolers, and even diapers. 

This important area located very close to one of the most symbolic hotels in the port, the Emerald Bay, registers mounds of garbage and where it is observed that the supervisions to maintain clean beaches shine, but by their absence. 

The remains of garbage are found a few meters from the sea, where when the tide rises or in the face of winds, they are swept away by the waves, carrying the pollution to the water. 

International tourists lament the conditions that are observed, which “ugly” the beach and are not adequately cared for by the authorities.

“The government must do something to organize people so that tourism does not see this pollution on the beach,” said tourists from Los Angeles, California who were taking a walk through this place. 

“That garbage is going to return to the sea and it is going to affect; I come to fish but this is wrong, apart from the fact that it is pollution, it looks very bad, but then we need the culture of the people, to conserve our environment and from where it is seen, it is wrong, “said a tourist. 

The interviewees called on the beach operator to attend this area of ​​the port so that Playa Cerritos is distinguished by its beauty and not by the garbage that abounds in the place.

How many tons of garbage do tourists generate in Mazatlán?

Up to 60 tons of garbage, per day, are collected in the tourist strip of the port of Mazatlán in what this Holy Week 2021 represents, and it has been necessary to carry out tasks continuously, both with the cleaning brigades and the same trucks, reported José Antonio González Olague.

The director of Public Services in the port pointed out that fortunately vehicular traffic, mainly in the golden zone, has not been so heavy, unlike other holiday periods, which has allowed the collection trucks to avoid cleaning tasks and not take so long to take the waste away.

“As for our own collection, we are doing every four hours in everything that is the tourist strip without neglecting the city at all, it is progressing well, so that until now we have not had problems, it has been a little slower, in what is the tourist strip from 58 to 60 tons is being produced ”.

He pointed out that in recent days, with the increase in the influx of tourists, Public Services personnel have also activated the work both on foot and in the same units.

“On foot, we bring a group of 115 people, and apart from the collection trucks, with the collection trucks we are covering from El Faro to Cerritos, it has been very friendly for us in some way, because we have capacity.”

He indicated that the weekend will be one more test for them, in the work, since it implies not only collecting waste, but returning the sand that is scattered on the boardwalk, and the street after the bathers leave the beach and that work is also carried out today.


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