What to do in Sisal, the new Magic Town of Yucatán


Sisal, one of the most beautiful beaches in Yucatan, entered the list of the Magical Towns of Mexico. We tell you the unmissable of the place.

Wherever you see it, Yucatán is an earthly paradise of turquoise waters, amazing natural landscapes, biodiversity, archaeological sites, and food that remains in the memory (and the heart). Sisal is one of its most beautiful beaches, finally named one of the 11 new Magical Towns of Mexico! Here we tell you which are the must-see places in Sisal so that you can go straight to enjoy them.


Lotes en primera fila en la hermosa playa de Sisal

Editor’s note: if you decide to travel to Sisal, take into account that the traffic lights of each entity may change due to outbreaks of covid-19 cases. Follow these recommendations to make your trip as safe as possible: do not travel if you have had any symptoms or lived with a person diagnosed with covid-19, wear face masks rigorously (avoid valve ones!), Respect social distance and wash your hands frequently.

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Calle 21 168, Sisal, Yucatán. Photo: Coral Ouellette / Unsplash

In 1810 the port of Sisal was opened, originally called Santa María del Sisal, where the first exports from Yucatán to Havana were made, this is how Sisal gradually became a small fishing town, which today offers its visitors is ecotourism and relaxation offered. Here there are no clubs, squares, or large restaurants or hotels, but it is a destination to rest, camp, observe birds and other species of the region, ride a bike, swim in springs, eat delicious, fish.

Sisal is part of the municipality of Hunucmá, located just forty minutes from the center of Mérida, which can only be accessed through a road, in an attempt to keep development at bay to maintain its ecosystems of abundant jungle vegetation and springs. Your journey to get there will be a journey to clear your mind and fill your lungs with clean air. 

Sisal: la playa más increíble de Yucatán, un santuario de la naturaleza,  paraíso del ecoturismo.

Sisal’s must-see

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Beach in Sisal, Yucatán. Photo by Jorge Zapata on Unsplash

1. Sisal beach and pier 

As in all of Yucatan, the climate of Sisal is very hot and humid; in summer they reach up to 40º, so it is recommended that you travel during autumn and winter. On the main beach of Sisal is the pier that in its good times was the main seaport in all of Yucatan and in very remote times it was an area inhabited by the Mayan civilization. Its calm and crystalline waters are to be enjoyed for hours. 

2. The Lighthouse and Fort of Sisal

The lighthouse was built in 1850 in addition to the Fort of San Antonio, also known as El Castillo or the House of Empress Carlota Amalia. It is located just a few meters from Sisal Beach. It is possible to visit the site to learn about its history and climb to the top of the lighthouse to have an incredible view of the place, do not forget the camera.

3. Main avenue of Sisal 

Sisal is very small and to get around there is nothing better than using a bike (which they rent right there) or requesting the services of a motorcycle taxi. On the main avenue, there are some shops and small restaurants with excellent prices so that you can sit down to eat with chela in hand.

Qué hay en Sisal?, La Playa Mágica de Yucatán

4. Coral reefs, mangroves, springs and fishing 

Since everything is very local, the boatmen of the place offer an offshore tour of the reefs, these can include snorkeling or diving, you decide. On days with good weather, it is possible to see from the boat a boat that they say has been sunk for many years and that is now part of the ecosystem. Later, on the same route, they take you to observe the flamingos and iguanas in a kayak to the water hole where fresh and saltwater meet and to the mangrove where it is possible to swim. On the way back, you will go to a small island to finish the tour with a fresh ceviche that the locals prepare. This tour lasts from five to six hours. 

If you prefer to just fish, it is also a matter of making up with the villagers and making an appointment very early to go out to sea by boat. For this activity you should allow three to four hours.

Vía Costela Beach Town

What to eat

On the beaches, the center, and its surroundings there are many restaurants that offer the catch of the day and seafood cocktails. All with good seasoning and excellent prices. Among the most popular are La palapa de Soco, La palapa de Zurdo, Restaurante El Faro, La juanita, and Las Puertas de Sisal, a little place that instead of benches has swings and offers pastas, entrees and main dishes under the concept of slow food. 

Casa Balam: Hospedaje y experiencias diferentes en la playa de Sisal -  Mariana Baenove

Where to stay

You can access accommodation on Airbnb with a view of the sea or a few meters from the beach from $ 750 to $ 1300 per night. 

Casa Kinich is a space recognized and much loved by both locals and tourists who seek to relax after their activities. Each of its four bungalows is equipped with a kitchenette, fridge, and kitchen utensils for you to prepare your food. They also have a pool and is located a block and a half from the beach. They do not have restaurant service but you can easily ask to be taken from a nearby restaurant.

The cost of lodging is $ 1,200 per night and you must make a reservation leaving 50% of the total price of your stay.

Sisal has many other nearby tourist places such as Celestún, Mérida, Umán and Progreso that are less than an hour away. An excellent option is that you stay here and can visit a different destination per day.

Address: Calle 12 307, Sisal, Yucatán
How much: $$ (up to $ 1,200), forms of payment: cash, all credit and debit cards 
Accessibility: yes
Pet-friendly: no
Reservation: essential at 5549401728

Source: chilango.com

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