Santiago suffers from cancer, his mother gave him the sunset in Mazatlán (video)


This Monday, 21-year-old Santiago will start a new radiotherapy treatment to reverse the bone cancer he suffers, but before that, he was charged with energy, love and hope together with his family in Mazatlán,

Mazatlan Sinaloa.- This Monday Santiago begins a new treatment in his fight against cancer, but on Sunday he received one of the most beautiful gifts, an extraordinary sunset in the port of Mazatlán. 

His mother, family and friends, in a surprise gift that was accompanied with the support of Civil Protection personnel, took Santiago to a beach area where the old hotel El Faro Mazatlán is located, where with his stretcher and well cared for, He was able to see life in a different way, fill himself with energy and show that life goes on and his family’s love is stronger than ever. 

At all times health personnel and lifeguards were present supporting the mobilization of the walk and oxygen equipment that Santiago requires to avoid any contingency. His family did not stop taking care of him and he enjoyed the sunset with him , one of the most beautiful in the country, and that radiated tenderness and love on this visit, a very different and hopeful one. 

Mrs. Margarita, Santiago’s mother, stated that her son has gone through very difficult times, at the moment he can no longer stand up, but his spirit remains firm and willing to continue living. 

“We had a delay in a chemo one month and 15 days, later in the interview with Línea Directa there were no longer any delays, since then he has had his normal treatment, a lot of support; in April they did a CT scan, it was detected that there was brain, lung and liver damage that was not there and urgently they gave him blood transfusions … “

“He loses all mobility and waist strength at his feet, that’s why he moves by ambulance by the Insurance to take him to Culiacán to take him to his chemotherapy; we are in that period of chemo, it was on Friday and he will receive two weeks daily to receive his radiotherapies … “

“I have seen him sad, cry, he despairs and I understand it as a young man he walked and came to the beach, he liked the sunset and I said something has to be done, and I said no, the boys are dedicated to selling jellies for funds of your treatments; He is not expecting it, he cannot believe it ”, expressed Mrs. Margarita. 

Santiago also spoke, and from his stretcher and waiting for the sunset, the young man expressed his surprise and joy at returning to the sea that he loves so much. 

“I feel very happy, it motivates me, I couldn’t enjoy it and being here calms me down and relaxes me and more because of the test that I will start; I don’t know how much radiotherapy involves but I am prepared for this, ”he said. 

Wendy, part of the Civil Protection team also spoke about this gift of which they were accomplices to which they gladly said yes. 

“We are supporting you so that you can watch the sunset, feel the beach in the company of your family and friends and it will help you a lot to keep on wanting and get ahead; It is also practically medicine for Santiago to feel, to relive part of his daily life since he did it constantly and this is medicine to keep him motivated and continue to make him want to, we wish him success, that he continues and that the next time he is here he is standing with his family and friends and that he invites us to come with him ”, he stressed. 

This Monday, 21-year-old Santiago Efraín Baltazar Ramírez begins a radiotherapy treatment to reverse the effects of stage 4 bone cancer with metastases called Edwing’s Sarcoma, but this time he does it with more hope, with more love and with the antecedent of one of the most beautiful scenes, the sunset that came as a gift for him and for those who also live strong processes in their struggle for life. 

The sunset for Santiago for whom the desire is to recover and to return to walk through the sea of ​​his loves, that of Mazatlán. 


The Mazatlan Post