Crime out of control in Cancun are tourists safe?


There are already seven combis attacked in Cancun and this time the attack was against the unit on Route 18

Cancun: Criminal groups carry out threats against the van company

Cancun Criminal groups carry out threats against combis company

In WhatsApp and Facebook chains have circulated versions about alleged threats against the Maya Caribe combi company in Cancun

Terror and uncertainty is what has been generated in recent days in the city, after six combis of the company ‘Maya Caribe’ have been attacked (burned or shot), without the authorities giving an official version about what is happening .

And is that also in recent days there have been various audios that circulate on social networks, in which alleged criminal groups threaten the operators of the combis to ask them to better deliver their units because “ things are going to get ugly and in case of not accepting, they would abide by the consequences “

Unofficially, it is known that several of them have heeded the warnings and have stopped their units, so the regularity of transport routes has been affected, according to users.

The crime does not rest and a new attack took place this morning against a combi of public transport, which was burned on a dirt road that leads to the region 252 and 205 in the city of Cancun.

It was around 10:30 in the morning when the emergency number received a call for help requesting the police presence as a driver would have been taken out of his unit and then set it on fire on a dirt road between Galaxias del Sol avenue and in front of the Vista Real subdivision, so Quintana Roo Police officers approached the place confirming and requesting the emergency bodies.

They set fire to another van in Cancun;  there are already seven attacked

Apparently, the aggressors approached the unit as users and streets later asked the passengers to get off, to then direct the carrier to a dirt road, where the criminals gave him the option of staying or leaving, so he ended up abandoning your unit in a hurry.

Minutes later, several elements of the fire department approached the place to try to control the flames that were consuming the Urban marked with number 100 of route 18 at hurried steps while the lucky driver spoke with the uniformed officers waiting for the ministerial agents.

They set fire to another van in Cancun;  there are already seven attacked

 Ministerial agents arrived to take knowledge of the facts, since with this there are already seven units attacked in just one week, so some reaction is expected from the State Attorney General’s Office.

Two suspects arrested for the attack on combis in Cancun

Police sources revealed that during a meeting of Public Security authorities in relation to these events, the arrest of at least three men suspected of being related to the recent attacks on combis in Cancun was announced.

According to Lucio Hernández, dispatch manager of the Ministry of Public Security, indicated through his social networks that the Quintana Roo Police detained Hernán N, Silverio N and Hugo N for crimes against health and carrying firearms.

There are already six combis

It is worth mentioning that to date there are already s7 combis attacked in recent days, of which two were set on fire and four were shot; Due to this, the authorities are already investigating the events to find those responsible.


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