By July at the latest, it is estimated to resolve the Sewage Water Problem in Mazatlan’s Real Pacífico neighborhood


Neighbors of Real Pacífico complain about the collapse of the drainage system in that settlement, which causes sewage to run through the Costa Pacífico avenue

Neighbors demand a definitive solution to this problem that has been going on for several months and that calms down in some hours of the night but it is at noon when it flares up and stays that way for much of the afternoon.

The general manager of Jumapam, engineer Luis Gerardo Núñez, sends a message of encouragement and patience for a few months to the inhabitants of various colonies and subdivisions of the west of Mazatlán, such as Real del Valle and Real Pacífico, saying that there are already firm projects and the acquisition of larger pumps and a budget of 20 million to solve the sump that sometimes overflows with sewage. He estimated that the problem would be solved by July.

In defense of his administration, he said that the works of the gully and the introduction of sewage pipes that were made some 15 years ago did not contemplate the growth of this entire northwestern area, but there is also irresponsibility of people who throw a lot of garbage into streets that will give the pipes. The gully was also poorly designed.

With photographs, the municipal official explained why the three sump pumps burned: for a world of garbage and solid waste that plug pipes and filters and that causes sewage to spill down drains and onto the streets.

In the interview, engineer Núñez said that the pumps “are for water, waste liquids, not for garbage; a pump is not a disposer ”.

He said that there is already a project, presented to Conagua, to rehabilitate this gully with an investment of between 15 to 20 million pesos for the purchase of new and larger pumps, but to install a system that separates liquid waste from garbage. It is a viable project, which will not take long, and we hope that we will solve this problem in July.

Núñez acknowledged that there are problems of surpassed gullies in other places in Mazatlán, such as Pradera Dorada, subdivisions that have grown too much due to the very needs of urban growth. Small diameter pipes have been put in those places, he added.


The Mazatlan Post