Puerto Vallarta welcome letters ready to be decorated


The project of the construction of the letters of Puerto Vallarta is reaching its final phase to move to the next step which is decoration, where other artists have to see and who will be the ones who will give it the final touches.

The sculptor Héctor Manuel Montes García, who is known Chino Ballenas and who was the sculptor in charge of directing the construction of the new welcome letters to our city, where to reach these instances, adjustments had to be made to the letters

In this sense, he explained the final process of the construction of the monumental letters , which he said are practically already finished, they are in the detail phase removing pores from the surface to sand a little so that they are more presentable

He said that they have already taken nine letters and there are only five left and that in a few days they will go for them but that they are practically already finished being in what was the process of the structure and the form to continue with the decoration and painting.

He mentioned that the construction process was not so easy, for that reason the time for the completion of these letters was extended, which weigh about 300 kilos each but will have good resistance to abuse. 

He pointed out that people will be able to interact with this monument, which undoubtedly must also be closely guarded by the authorities since the abuses ended up damaging the decoration quickly.

In this sense, he said that after making the pending details, they will be ready to be delivered to the painter, so that only their installation in the roundabout will remain pending. 

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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