Mazatlan’s Basilica Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception will be restored


It is the pro-restoration board chaired by Miguel Valadez, who is carrying out the maintenance work

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – As the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, a Catholic enclosure almost a century and a half old, it always occupies maintenance, always being on the lookout; and it is the pro-restoration patronage chaired by Miguel Valadez, who is carrying out the maintenance work, assured the Bishop of the Archdiocese of Mazatlán, Mario Espinoza Contreras.

Basilica Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception restored in Mazatlan

“Fortunately, it has the patronage of the Cathedral presided over by Mr. Miguel Valadez and other people and they hold events or request donations and they are and they are the ones who are carrying the responsibility of those works,” he added.

Inmaculada Concepción: Catedral de Mazatlán - Mexico Real

Espinoza Contreras reported that the front part has already been painted, the side part is missing and the floor is also being polished inside, the repair of some images is also being carried out that, due to time, humidity and heat deteriorate them so they are you have to maintain them.

29 04 21 Mario Espinoza Contreras

“There are also some original arrangements that are quite deteriorated and that must always be noted, which has to be done as far as possible. So, right now that arrangement is being made, “he said.

The leader of the Catholic Church in the South said that this type of maintenance has to be provided often, however, it had not been done for 10 or 11 years and it was already necessary.

29 04 21 Mazatlán Cathedral

In this same sense, he assured that the beautification includes the restoration of the side and front doors, as well as the waterproofing of the roof and the façade of one of the most emblematic venues in the city center.


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