Los Cabos foresees a short-term recovery in the real estate sector


Alberto Villada Camerino, president of the APDTI said that despite the pandemic, property prices did not drop and will achieve their consolidation in the local tourist scenario 

The outlook for the tourist real estate sector is very positive since despite the pandemic property prices did not drop and it continues to be a very competitive destination at a national and international level.

This was recognized by the president of the Los Cabos Tourism Real Estate Promoters and Developers Association , Alberto Villada Camerino.

Los Cabos is of great importance for the values ​​of the properties, although this does not mean that there is not equal quality in the developments in other areas of the country, but here it has been possible to maintain a good level for everything that is offered: nature, that variety that exists between the desert and the sea; the golf courses, the tranquility, security, which is one of the aspects that tourists appreciate a lot.

People who visit Los Cabos fall in love with its natural beauties, tourist infrastructure but also with its tranquility, “they feel free, they can go wherever they want and they have no problem . 

On some occasion, there was a very strong security situation but there was a very good relationship on the part of the private initiative and the government to be able to come together in plans and programs that would reduce the problem and not only diminish but it was eliminated, it was perfectly resolved the matter.

People are very calm, happy and when they arrive here they travel to the destination with all the freedom to be in their properties or make their investments, that is making there more interested in visiting Los Cabos and opting for this destination to have a second residence. 

He also highlighted that there are several aspects to consider and evaluate, there are more than 20 developments with 350 hectares each, which means thousands of hectares and this has a value of many millions of pesos.

However, the important thing is not only the value of the properties but the investment made on them to be able to generate that all these investments, projects are given, in addition, the land must be added, hotel investments, fields, houses, infrastructure and services and all this is giving you the importance and weight of investment in tourism developments.

He also pointed out that all this translates into what these developments represent in the payment of taxes through the property, cadastral and the acquisition tax on real estate (Isabi), all this makes it one of the most important economic sources from the internal point of view in the municipality as a generator of income for the Los Cabos City Council itself.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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