Operations resume at the Oaxaca international airport after negotiations concluded last night


7:30 April 29, 2021

After 4 days of blockade, they liberate the International Airport of Oaxaca

The Oaxaca airport will resume its activities this Thursday when the facilities are released.

The kidnapping lasted four days like the one of public transport buses.

The group lifted the blockade at dawn this Thursday, after a dialogue table in which they counted all the answers offered in advance.

During this action, six airlines suspended more than 91 flights, affecting some 8,000 people who could not reach their destinations.

The blockades to the accesses of the Xoxocotlán International Airport, in the city of Oaxaca, caused the cancellation of 91 national and international flights

Se pierden 62 vuelos en el Aeropuerto Internacional de Oaxaca por bloqueo  de normalistas | El

After a 9-hour meeting, negotiation with normalistas advanced to liberate Oaxaca airport

After four days blocked access, the cancellation of 91 national and international flights and the impact of hundreds of travelers, during the first hours of this Thursday the Government of Oaxaca reached an agreement with the normalistas protesting at the facilities from the Xoxocotlán International Airport, in the city of Oaxaca, which were finally released. 

The general director of the State Institute of Public Education (IEEPO), Francisco Ángel Villarreal, announced the agreement reached with representatives of the Coordinadora Student Normalista of the State of Oaxaca and Section 22 of the CNTE-SNTE, with the purpose of giving response to his request form. The foregoing, he indicated following instructions from Governor Alejandro Murat. 

According to this official, “the agreements reiterate the recognition and respect for the autonomy and organization of the Normal Schools”, because with this it is established “to avoid the imposition of curricular meshes, guaranteeing respect for the alternative plans and programs of eleven o’clock Normal Schools of the so-called transition generations ”. 

In addition, with them the educational authorities undertake to make known, in advance, any curricular update to the CENEO and to Section 22 of the CNTE for their consultation.


Photo: Government of Oaxaca

Also, highlights the head of the IEEPO, shows “the conviction of the Government of Oaxaca to” maintain a humanistic approach to solving any problem, privileging dialogue over other expressions.

As part of these agreements, the normalistas and the state government also agreed that the issuance of the call for new admission will be subject to the applicable legal framework and that they will be issued jointly with the directives of the normal schools.

While the IEEPO promised to respect the appointment of the directives of the normal schools and “guarantee the hiring with job stability to the graduates, until their final assignment in the teaching profession.” As well as to work in conjunction with Section 22 of the CNTE-SNTE and the local Congress for the elaboration of the State Law of Education.

Also part of the agreements is the IEEPO’s commitment to accompany the CENEO to manage before the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) “the improvement in the conditions of the 11 normal schools.” 

As well as the joint approach between the state educational authority and Section 22 of the CNTE-SNTE, to request a national table with the President of Mexico, to obtain “a universal scholarship that allows the students of the eleven normal schools to acquire the necessary and functional equipment during their academic training ”.

Source: oaxaca.quadratin.com.mx, oaxaca.eluniversal.com.mx

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