Querétaro entered the world leaders ranking for development of Data Centers


With the investment announcements of more than 1,600 million dollars from the firms Microsoft, Cloud and IoData, the entity will enter a stage of diversification of employment and opportunities for many sectors.

Data Centers are needed for practically all segments: automotive, aerospace, food, or beverage. They are necessary to order food, to watch a movie on Netflix, to carry out a bank transaction, promote to a new page, or simply, publicize a new app in the retail market.

However, few know the importance of data centers worldwide, since technology made universal the need for agile and constant connectivity.

A data center or data center is a facility that centralizes operations and an information technology (IT) team of an organization, as well as the place where the same data is stored, managed, and disseminated. But most important you need the best colocation service providers.

The concept is broad, since there are companies that sell data centers as a space, with a colocation-type function, but it is also needed by a small company that is thinking of making a site (website) where it is going to have an infrastructure robust for your operation, even if it is modest or very large:

“A Data Center can be a $ 1.1 billion match, but it can also be a small company that opened an app and wants to serve its customers. A data center has many variables and types; it depends on your application. It is estimated that only at the EDGE level, there will be a growth of 30% worldwide in the coming years, but when the 5G network arrives and the Smart Cities are launched, the increase in investment will be dramatic “, they highlighted in joint conference Carlos Arochi director for Latin America of Network Infrastructure; Juan Pablo Borray, Business Development Manager, and Jorge Bleizeffer, Panduit’s Mexico Business Manager.

During the conference “Status of digitization in Mexico. Digital buildings, Data Centers, Smart cities and adoption of new technologies ”, they highlighted that only in the Latin American region in 2020, the growth of hybrid cloud data center installations was 27%, basically through services of colocation, service providers (such as Google and Amazon) and the installation of large data centers that countries must have, through financial services, for example.

Growth in Latin America

During his presentation, Carlos Arochi pointed out that among the verticals that are growing significantly in Mexico and Latin America are in the area of ​​finance, retail and education: “Only in retail e-commerce, in Mexico it grew at ranges of 33%; in Latin America it did so at 37%, but Argentina jumped to levels of 79% ”.

Arochi mentioned that in terms of its physical composition, in Latam copper is still relevant in its manufacture, since traditional companies are going from a data need of 100 GB per second to 400 GB, so that they can face the high flow on the subject of data and that even help the implementation of industry 4.0.

“Brazil, Mexico and Colombia are transcendental markets; one that is growing significantly is Chile, but Colombia is the country with the highest adoption of data centers in Latam. As for the manufacturing industry, in that GDP we foresee that there will be a growth of 8% in 2021 ”.

Importance of investment and the Bajío

The specialists affirmed that data centers also have to do with everything that has to do with a production line or that is migrating to a digital chain. A clear example of world leadership in its implementation is Querétaro:

“Speaking of data centers, a city that is attracting attention worldwide is Querétaro. It is a nerve center to house them. We are seeing the arrival of several companies. In addition, we have seen that the entity appeared for the first time in the global market of data centers, together with large cities at a global level such as Oslo, Vancouver and Chicago ”.

Arochi highlighted that Quéretaro, geographically, has an advantage, since it is an important point and is a bridge between the United States and Latin America: “it is an entity that has intelligently invested in an excellent fiber optic infrastructure; Besides, it is a safe city in the logistical aspect, because it does not have cyclones, storms, climatic catastrophes or earthquakes, as the CDMX does ”.  

Important investment

Regarding the investment grade, Panduit specialists pointed out that Querétaro has received more than 1,600 million dollars of investment in this segment:  

“In Querétaro, Microsoft announced an investment of more than one billion dollars for Querétaro; Cloud, $ 600 million; IoData, more than 100 million dollars. The investment is strong. They mean job creation and opportunity for many things ”.

Asked about the most important segments, they highlighted that only in “in the colocation segment, in Latam there are 146 data centers; 33 in Central America; and 11 very large in Mexico . There is an important investment underway in Chile, with large-scale companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft ”.

Smart Cities, around the corner

The specialists asserted that data centers in Mexico will have a new stage of growth with the deployment of 5G technology: “There are already several points where antennas exist and with readers it is possible to know what places are available; here it will be required that the equipment is compatible with this technology and that the SIM card has some changes. The same is already happening in some countries in Latam ”.

They said that, for example, EDGE data centers are used to start a movie or series in seconds, and for this, the entertainment industry requires data centers that are more “consolidated and close to users and distributors.”

As for Smart Cities, the issue of data centers will be paramount, since electric or autonomous vehicles will have to make decisions in real time based on information that is generated, and that as 5G increases, they will require more data centers to function efficiently to generate optimal traffic flow.

Finally, they highlighted that the issue of the hybrid cloud is on the table, which will present very high relevance in the short term.

Source: realestatemarket.com.mx

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