Confrontation over agrarian dispute in Oaxaca ends up with seven dead


The State Attorney General’s Office declared that the attack was reported in the vicinity of the El Guayabo settlement, in the jurisdiction of Sola de Vega, where a communal assembly was being held.

A land dispute in the Sierra Sur de Oaxaca, between community members of the towns of Santa María Sola and Sola de Vega, left seven dead and there are at least two more injured, confirmed the State Attorney General’s Office.

According to official reports, the attack took place in the area known as “El Guayabo” ranchería, in the jurisdiction of Sola de Vega, where a communal assembly was held, where the ownership of land was discussed, but one of the groups disagreed and began shooting at the assistants.

It is specified that the community members of Santa María Sola were the ones who opened fire, where seven peasants were killed by multiple gunshot wounds.

In the midst of the chaos, relatives tried to remove the wounded who were transferred to hospitals outside the region, because the aggressor group also seized the local health center.

In the shooting, Gaudencio García and Miguel Montaño, municipal agent owner and deputy of the town of “El Guayabo” were detained, but they were later released after the intervention of officials of the General Secretariat of the State Government.

Given the facts, the attorney general of Justice, Arturo Peimbert Calvo, said that an investigation file has been integrated to define responsibilities.

He explained that according to the investigation, two of the victims in the confrontation were Santa María Sola community members; and five more from the town of “El Guayabo”, belonging to Sola de Vega; and there are two more wounded from Santa María Sola, who voluntarily requested to be discharged in order to receive medical attention at a private clinic.

Source: Informador

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