85 highly dangerous inmates were transferred from the State of Mexico to other federal prisons


The transferred inmates are doing time for different high-impact crimes, including kidnapping, drug trafficking, among others.

In the middle of a strong operation, implemented by the Undersecretariat of Penitentiary Control of the State of Mexico, and due to their criminological profile, 85 highly dangerous inmates were transferred to other Federal Centers for Social Readaptation (CEFERESO).

During the first hours of this Tuesday, April 27, the 85 men sentenced from 13 State Penitentiary and Social Reintegration Centers were concentrated in the Neza-Bordo prison, in Nezahualcoyotl, State of Mexico.

Later, they were transferred to the National Guard (GN) hangar at the Mexico City International Airport (CDMX), where they were transferred by air, to federal prisons in the states of Oaxaca, Michoacán, and Coahuila.

The protocol was carried out with strict adherence to the human rights of inmates who are complying with a sentence for different high-impact crimes, including kidnapping, homicide, drug trafficking, among others.

The agency also reported that they were previously certified by doctors who assessed their physical condition, and all the health protocols were carried out in a timely manner, along with the corresponding sanitary measures.

According to the Undersecretariat of Penitentiary Control, this action is intended to depressurize the prisons, guarantee the process of social reintegration and internment and thus avoid the formation of criminal cells inside the prison facilities, to prevent possible disturbances, strengthening the security and governance of the National State Penitentiary System.

In the operation, 60 wardens of the Secretariat of Security participated, as well as 40 state police officers. The inmates were transported to the CDMX airport in one armored truck called “Rhino”, two police trucks, and 16 official vehicles.

Source: 24 horas MX

Mexico Daily Post