Garbage at Puerto Vallarta viewpoints of the Colonia del Cerro


Neighbors of the Colonia del Cerro made one more report to ‘your CPS complaint’ where they pointed out the terrible state of the viewpoints on Corona Street and the second on Matamoros Street, which in addition to being saturated with garbage are used as public toilets in the tourist area. 

In that sense, the municipal public services personnel of Puerto Vallarta did a great job of cleaning in both places of the neighborhood, removing garbage, cleaning urine and dirt odors, in addition to painting two of three tourist attractions in the center of the city. city ​​such as the viewpoints of Corona and Matamoros streets. 

Unfortunately, these two viewpoints are very exposed to the damage caused by vandalism and recyclers to these tourist spaces and that effort made by agencies such as tourism, municipal public services and culture is of very little use, because if it is not complemented with the surveillance of personnel of the tourist police, this is useless.

A few hours after the cleaning in those places, they again began to urinate and water the garbage, as is the case at the viewpoint on Corona and Matamoros streets, where the garbage whose bags are broken by recyclers is already beginning to fall down the stairs.

In the same area but on Matamoros and Mina streets is the viewpoint lighthouse where the problem is more about sanitation, since this is an open-air public urinal and the floor is stained and accompanied by bad odors, which for a tourist attraction is not it is not pleasant at all. This happens due to the complicity of the tourist police who do not make surveillance rounds.

In addition, there is no sign that prohibits the misuse of these public places, which are also an important tourist attraction.


The Guadalajara Post