Become a wine expert in Queretaro vineyards


Regardless of which vineyard you visit, the experience will be unique and you will want to return to know different production houses

Querétaro has one of the most important Cheeses and Wine routes in the country, being one of the key points for tourism in the region. From the center of the Queretaro capital, take highway 57 towards highway 100 and then join federal highway 120, throughout the route you will be able to see signs of different vineyards and important cheese factories, such as the Finca Sala Vivé de Freixenet or La Redonda.

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Querétaro has a great variety of vineyards in different municipalities, so the cost of the transfer can vary in fuel consumption between 200 and 400 pesos if you plan to visit several vineyards.

La Redonda is the oldest vineyard, since 1972 they planted their first vine and since then they have not stopped producing grapes for winemaking, having a complex system of care so that high-quality fruits are produced.

The Finca Sala Vivé is multiple and incessant and offers an extensive catalog of wines produced there, in addition to its wine tourism offer all year round. The design of the farm in the style of the old hacienda allows the development of special events and exceptional activities around wine.

The tour of the estate takes us into the process of transforming the grape into wine and immerses us in one of the most impressive cellars in America, which is 25 meters deep today is the symbol of a region where the culture of wine grows and live in constant motion.

The approximate cost per person can vary from 500 pesos since there are several tasting packages, tours, food, and souvenirs. These places are characterized by the events that take place between the months of July and August, the well-known and well-attended vintages.

Comfortable and cool clothing is suggested, since they are under the open sky, and sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen are a must to enjoy an afternoon as a couple, with family or friends.

For Augusto Caire Sánchez, winemaker at La Redonda, the objective is to improve the raw material, to achieve better quality wines, since, by tradition, age, and location, the vineyard meets the conditions to be a pioneer in the creation of a Denomination of Source.

“In order to enjoy a glass of wine, the important thing is that whoever is drinking it likes the taste of what they are drinking, for tasting there are other specifications, but the best wine there is the one you like,” he said. Augusto Caire.

In the Finca Sala Vivé de Freixenet, there are activities that are distinguished as oenological experiences, a charming carriage ride with tasting in the middle of the vineyard, a ride on the “Uvabús” and wine tasting with a sommelier in a session full of information about the world of wine. wine.

We recommend staying in the neighboring municipalities, where there are different hotel options with prices from 400 to 3,000 pesos.

Undoubtedly the jewel of this route is to know the cellars and walk the vineyards, without leaving aside, that from many of these producing houses you can see the Peña de Bernal.


How to get

From the center of the capital of Querétaro, take Highway 57 towards Highway 100 and then join Federal Highway 120, throughout the tour, you will be able to see signs of different vineyards and important cheese factories

For the passage

Approximate cost if you go by car from the center of Querétaro varies between 200 and 250 pesos


Hotel Real, 500 pesos and Hotel Boutique Rancho San Jorge


In the vineyard region, the climate is mostly sunny, although the temperature drops at night

To do

You can take different tours and tours within the facilities, where they will explain the process of making their wines, you will know the cavas, and the pairings to be able to accompany the different labels

What to eat

The gastronomic experience will depend on the vineyard that is visited, since each one has its own specialties

A special day

Between the months of June to August, the different wine-growing houses carry out the harvest.

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