In Colima, a woman denounces her aggressor and she ends up in jail


“Marisol managed to denounce the aggressions of her ex-partner, however, she ended up in prison because local authorities “fabricated” charges against her,” feminists pointed out.

Feminist collectives and activists denounced irregularities in the Marisol Rodríguez case, a woman who denounced the attacks that she suffered from her ex-partner, however, she is the one that ended up in preventive prison in the state of Colima.

The feminist collective Mujeres de la Sal reported on the case of Marisol Rodríguez, a woman who denounced her attacker before the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office for rape and deprivation of liberty, however, she ended up in prison because the Prosecutor’s Office rejected her complaint, and according to the feminist group, “the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office fabricated crimes of extortion and dispossession under the orders of Judge Sergio Salvador Peña Sánchez.”

#LiberenAMarisol (#FreeMarisol)

On Twitter, the feminist collective explained that in the case of Marisol, the Prosecutor’s Office never applied protocols to deal with the complaint, much less gave her medical attention.”

“We know that Judge Sergio Salvador Peña Sánchez was denounced in 2019 for abuse of authority and crimes committed against the administration of justice, and as always, he was never convicted. Now, Marisol is imprisoned ”, declared Mujeres de la Sal.

They pointed out that Marisol left the Guadalajara court and was detained in Colima by agents of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the state of Colima, “thanks to the fact that her aggressor was favored by Colima governor Governor Ignacio Peralta.”

Marisol is still in prison

Gisela Méndez, feminist activist and candidate for mayor of Colima, denounced that the current administration of the governor of Colima, José Ignacio Peralta, “perpetuates victimization, influence peddling and a network of corruption in the justice system to protect aggressors at the cost of women’s freedom ”.

“We will follow this case closely and raise our voices until Colima becomes a safe space for women, free from violence by the institutions that should protect us and seek justice,” Méndez wrote.

Currently, Marisol is still detained in Colima pending the notification of another judge, while feminist groups indicated that her aggressor is still free and was never punished for physically attacking her.

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