Mazatlan construction of new docks for cruise ships begin in June


There is still no date for the return of the cruises to Mazatlán, since that will depend on the shipping agencies, says Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infanzón

The construction of the docks for tourist cruises in the area near El Faro will begin next June, revealed the general director of the Comprehensive Port Administration of Mazatlán, retired Rear Admiral Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infanzón.

“I hope that in June, July we will start (with the construction of the new docks), the project has already started, but remember that nobody is going to say: ‘give me 100 million pesos because I am going to build a terminal’, no, there is I have to follow a whole series of requirements, a procedure, comply with certain things so that the Treasury gives the money, I don’t know, to the Secretary of the Navy or the Secretary of Communications and Transportation, and she then gives it to us ”, Ancona Infanzón continued in an interview this Wednesday.

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He added that this is the cruise terminal, mitigation works are going to be done, dock three will be built, which is the one that will be going to where the yacht fleets are, but it is not just arriving and asking for the money, rather, whole planning is required, a whole series of procedures.

“I hope that approximately in July we will start in a way that is seen, right now we are in the administrative part,” he continued.

In addition, he said that there is still no date for the return of the cruises to Mazatlan, and that will depend on the shipping agencies, maybe one will come, but it will come for maintenance, it does not bring tourists.

“They only comes for maintenance because here in Mazatlan they can give him all the technical facilities, here there are shipyards, there are specialist people, there are many things for the boats, he comes to maintenance here so that they come with tourists we still do not know, some say that October, that in November, that date will be decided by the shipping lines ”, reiterated the general director of API Mazatlán.


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