DHL tests Reefertanks system for liquid transfers in Mexico


The refrigerated flexitank system for transporting liquids called “ DHL Reefertanks ”, developed in collaboration with the company Liquitank Solutions, was put into operation by DHL Global Forwarding and is being tested in Mexico as a pilot project.

The system is based on the integration of three tanks to transport non-hazardous liquids (dairy or fruit juice that require maintaining temperature control during their transfer), according to Erik Meade, chief executive officer, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding Mexico.

It was specified that this solution, combined with recent innovations and DHL technology, represents a profitable service that allows companies to save money, as it is a safe, simplified, and environmentally friendly option for transporting non-hazardous liquids.

The iso tanks or containers refrigerated drum of approximately 200 liters used to transport liquids in bulk, the flexitanks as 12 meters long in refrigerated containers; However, the reefer tank system increases the performance of the products with respect to any of these options, a condition that is maximized when considering that the three-tank system leaves less waste in the containers.

The average performance of the DHL Reefertank system as door-to-door transport is 99.97% compared to 97.5% of ISO tanks or 12-meter flexitanks, which is equivalent to 594 liters less product loss. This is significant since the producer receives payment based on the number of liters supplied.

The new system increases the visibility of the temperature during transit, allowing the liquid to be kept at a constant temperature of –3 to 3 ° C, eliminating any possibility of it spoiling or fermenting during transport.

An additional advantage over traditional reefer container shipments of juice in drums is the amount of packaging used, where the DHL Reefertank requires less packaging, which provides between 950 and 1,900 kg of additional cargo capacity available in the container.


Mexico Daily Post