CMIC and IMPLAN come together to plan the future of Mazatlán


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry in conjunction with the Municipal Planning Institute in Mazatlán, add actions to maintain a greater urban order and be safe for the good of all. During the first agreement between the local builders and the head of this organization,  Leticia Alvarado, it was set to establish a working alliance.

The head of the Institute considered that at present it would be terrible for the inhabitants to get used to living with the disorder in Mazatlan, even to being mute and complaining about things that are not being done well, before the voices of builders who asked to improve the city and its growth is planned since there are more than 90 development projects on the horizon.

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“The city we aspire to is a city with sustainable and safe urban mobility and traveling by bicycle to avoid crowds and inconveniences.”

Guillermo Trewrtha Domínguez, president of the CMIC Mazatlán, and the secretary of the steering committee Jacqueline Meixueiro Castillo, as well as members of the chamber, the official, spoke of the need to plan according to the times the future of the port through various strategies drawn up long term.

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Regarding the city project that is wanted is that the city belongs to everyone, with a human sense and recovers those spaces where people are important and feel safe, also flexible and in accordance with the times and does not remain at odds with reality.

He added that the city is transparent, not corrupt, and above all intelligent, where the project of the urban viewer that operates in the City of Guadalajara, for consultation via the internet, is replicated here, he added.

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In the same vein, he said that the planning and ordering project is based on a Mazatlán divided into sectors. So plans such as the nearby city, in which the spaces with infrastructure and services such as the one applied in Chihuahua are recycled to be replicated in this port.

In his talk, he recalled that they already have land use planning strategies, which is a simplified scheme of all the parties to consider when making a development plan, partial plan, or any instrument at the federal, state-level and that must be congruent with the municipality.

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