Growth in Mazatlan is destroying nature and its spaces


The founder of Paco’s Reserva de Flora y Fauna, Francisco Farriols explained that there is little echo of the actions taken to conserve nature in the creation of subdivisions

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The growth or ‘progress’ as many call it, that Mazatlán presents in its northern zone with the construction of new subdivisions, has allowed more and more natural spaces to be lost, putting at risk the natural areas of endemic species, lamented environmentalist Francisco Farriols Sarabia.

The founder of Paco’s Reserva de Flora y Fauna expressed that they have spoken with the developers of new housing spaces so that they can respect natural areas, with the challenge of generating awareness of what needs to be taken care of from companies, citizens in general and governments, although without a favorable response.

“Yes, development is going very fast, many tell them progress, but really, rather than adding, they reduce a lot of wealth, we have tried to talk with many of those subdivisions to tell them that they can help or leave certain areas that can help a lot but then there has not been echo and is part of all this challenge, to generate more awareness ”.

Farriols Sarabia mentioned that it is worrying that among the proposals of the candidates to the state governments, municipalities, and the local or federal chamber of deputies, the issue of the environment is not being taken into account, which should be a priority, as well as that of the pandemic. As he said, the disease is caused by the impact of nature, and to have a healthy environment, you have to take care of the natural environment.

He indicated that in the reserve they have detected the presence of hunters, without a sanction despite complaints, therefore it is important that campaigns are directed where all governments are involved to improve the environmental issue in actions that involve all actors of the society.


The Mazatlan Post