San Pedro Tultepec is the best place to buy artisanal furniture in the State of Mexico


50 kilometers from Mexico City, is the town of San Pedro Tultepec, belonging to the municipality of Lerma, State of Mexico, where you can find the best artisan furniture in the region at a super price, not for nothing It is listed as “The capital of furniture.” 

Be careful, not to be confused with the municipality of Tultepec, also in the State of Mexico, which is famous for its pyrotechnics and yes, for the explosions that have occurred there. 

San Pedro Tultepec: The Capital of Furniture

It is through social networks that the artisans make their creations visible for the public, the quality of their materials and designs that are of all styles: classic, traditional, minimalist, etc., make buying in this place a great option, especially in these times when supporting the local economy and the work done in Mexico is so important. 

So what if you want is to put aside the furniture of common materials, made in a serial way, those that you have to put together and do not understand anything, the idea is that you take a walk around San Pedro Tultepec and visit the furniture market located on Benito Juárez street, there you will have contact with all the artisans and you will see works that were made with love, so that your home, apartment or office is filled with unique items. 

If you want to see a little before going to the place, you do not need anything more than to enter Google Maps, search for San Pedro Tultepec and navigate through the street where you can see the products offered by artisans from side to side. 

This can be a great plan for the next bridge and it helps that you see furniture and meet the people who made it, so you don’t have to make appointments and queues in foreign stores. 

Source: El Heraldo de Mexico

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