Works on the Mazatlan boardwalk for the poor advances 80 percent


There have been some annoyances on the part of the neighbors in the sense that supposedly the works are not progressing and that has caused them discomfort due to the dust that is raised among others

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Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – The progress of the construction works on the Circunvalación avenue or Malecón de los Pobres has approximately 80 percent, so it will be possible to deliver it in the last days of May, said the director of Public Works of the Mazatlán City Council, José Daniel Shot Zamudio.

Tirado Zamudio expressed the following to express question, due to the annoyance of some residents of the Independencia and Estero neighborhood, in the sense that the work is not progressing and that has caused them discomfort due to the dust that is raised and other annoyances.

Lagunas y esteros en Mazatlán

“We are talking about 80 or 85 percent progress. As far as paving is concerned, I think that it does go about 50 percent, but it is the fastest, ”he said.

Tirado Zamudio, commented that, what is earth movement, dirt and garrisons, is already almost one hundred percent finished and the time of 4 months that was given to conclude, at the rate they are going, is easily concluded.

Mazatlans 'Malecón de los Pobres' begins in 3 weeks at the Estero del  Infiernillo - The Mazatlan Post

The municipal official added that of the 35 million pesos that is the total cost of the work, the municipality contributed 10, making it a bipartisan investment that seeks to improve the quality of life of the Mazatlan people and specifically of the beneficiaries who live in those directions.


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