Aguascalientes San Marcos Fair will feature special bullfight


The Feria Nacional de San Marcos (San Marcos Fair) is a national fair held in the Mexican state of Aguascalientes every year for three (or sometimes four) weeks. Most of the events related to the fair, however, occur in the city of Aguascalientes, the state capital. The exact date of the fair varies every year but is set around April 25, the Feast Day of San Marcos.

Initially, the fair was tied to the vendimia (harvesting of grapes) since wine production used to be an important activity in Aguascalientes. Nowadays, it is an important tourist attraction that is heavily associated with bullfighting and cockfighting.

It is estimated that seven million people used to visit the fair every year, but that figure is not contemplated for this year’s edition of the San Marcos Fair.

The anouncement of the cancelation of the San Marcos Fair was officially made by Aguascalientes governor on January 21, 2021

Recognized as one of the most important Fairs in the Americas, it is celebrated year after year in the Plaza Monumental and in San Marcos, but on this occasion, will have to wait a little longer to resume.

It is not possible to bring back the fair, it doesn’t matter that it is one of the most important events of the year, nationally and internationally, when the sanitary conditions are not ideal.

In times, when the pressure to prohibit bullfighting, the San Marcos National Fair is a balm, and a resounding no, to those who try to start a custom and an artistic show, developed in Mexico from 1526, an integral part of our culture and history since those years.

Since the nineteenth century, bullfighting celebrations have been held at the San Marcos Fair and that is why the state government and the different municipalities have called it “intangible assets” for several years.

These are complicated times in which any live entertainment offer (not only bullfighting) competes with the pandemic and its effects, last year it can be understood, when 1% of the bulls to fight were occupied in Spain and the same terrible situation was experienced in Mexico that year.

With a celebration, the Monumental de Aguascalientes will return to activity, to pay tribute to San Marcos, on Sunday, April 25 at 6 pm, with a roster featuring six bullfighters from our country. All the proceedings will be donated for the benefit of the Groups Mexicanas de la Tauromaquia, Arte y Cultura (AMTAC).

Source: El Universal

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