They reinforce the program “Chapala will surely receive you” due to the extension of hours on the Malecón


As of this April 1, the Chapala Seguro te receives program will be carried out, through which the authorities seek to reactivate the economy and promote security measures to reduce the risks of contagion of COVID-19.

In this regard, the interim president, Isaac Alberto Trejo Gracián, said that this operation is to respond to the approval given by the health table for the boardwalks to close until 7 at night in the holiday period, and not at 5 as it was planned:

“This management was done through a program that was developed and evaluated with the health board, with which they approved the request. But with this we acquire a responsibility, it belongs to all of us, the Government, merchants and inhabitants ”.

Isaac Alberto Trejo Gracián said that this program will be applied above all on the Chapala boardwalk and in the magical town of Ajijic, where administration personnel and service providers will monitor compliance with the protection measures against COVID-19.

To reduce the risks, the first mayor reported that 17 filters will be enabled in the boardwalk area:

“These 17 filters will be in charge of merchants who join voluntarily, they will support us with the operation, we will put thermometers, mats, antibacterial gel and face masks, so that they can operate it in the best way. The hours will be from 11 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon “

In addition, mobile brigades will be in charge of young people from the municipality, who will likewise promote compliance with the measures.


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