COVID boosts ‘vaccination tourism’ from Mexico to the US


Mexicans travel to Texas, Louisiana and Arizona in search of immunization, regardless of whether they are residents or if they are registered with any medical insurance in that country.

Jimena Riande, 28, and her parents, who are around 50 years old, decided to travel from Mexico City to Texas to apply the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, given the slow immunization process in the country and due to the opportunities that some of the states of the American Union grant.

At least Texas, Louisiana and Arizona have opened the COVID vaccination to all people over 16 years old, who wish to apply it regardless of whether they are residents or if they are registered with any health insurance in the United States.

The Riande family traveled to get the first vaccine and decided to take a vacation in the United States to wait for the second dose.

In Mexico, only public sector medical personnel and a portion of adults over 60 years of age have been vaccinated.

René Armas Maes, commercial vice president and partner of MIDAS Aviation, a consulting firm specializing in aviation based in London, pointed out that the demand for flights for vaccination purposes, coupled with the reactivation of the pleasure segment, has placed the market in Mexico- America as the one with the largest offer of seats compared to other countries with a similar size air connection. “

The Mexico-United States is the pair of countries with the highest offer of seats and represents 2.5 times the offer of the next pair of countries that follows by size. This trend is expected to continue as long as the capacity reaches (if current conditions are maintained) the pre-pandemic level no later than June this year, ”said Armas Maes.

The expert indicated that the growth in supply between the two nations is related to strong demand in beach destinations in Mexico such as Cancun, San José del Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta, but also by a greater number of Mexicans traveling to the United States to apply the vaccine.

Armas Maes affirmed that not only Mexicans travel to the United States to be vaccinated, but that almost all countries in the Latin American region are finding an opportunity in their northern neighbor to access the vaccine more quickly. This is observed with the boost in the offer of seats from North American airlines not only to Mexico but to the vast majority of countries in the region.

In other regions, such as Russia and Serbia, access to the vaccine combined with a long-term vacation is promoted as a unique and differentiating tourist attraction, which helps the tourism sector in its recovery. The US leads in vaccination The United States leads the world in total vaccines administered and more supplies are on the way. Drugmakers have promised to administer enough vaccines to fully inoculate 130 million Americans by the end of March and 300 million people by the end of May.

That’s more than enough for all adults, and clinical trials are underway in children. Distribution in the United States is directed by the federal government. The Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, as well as Moderna’s, require two doses taken several weeks apart. J&J inoculation requires a single dose.

In the United States, 183 million doses have been administered so far and in the last week, an average of 3.11 million doses were vaccinated per day, which means that, at that rate, it will take another three months to cover 75 percent of its population. The introduction of J & J’s single-shot option in March is accelerating vaccinations against COVID and making it easier to vaccinate hard-to-reach populations. So far, 183 million Americans have received at least one dose of a vaccine – 28 percent of the population. At least 70.7 million people have completed a vaccination regimen.


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