Speaker test of the seismic alarm in CDMX to take place this Sunday, April 11


E l reported last March two faults in speaker Mexico City that reproduced the seismic alert in error and some capital city evacuated their properties; That is why this Sunday , April 11, there will be a test on the speakers to verify that they work correctly.

The local authorities looked for a sound that could not be confused with the seismic alert, this audio will be reproduced only once and when it ends the speakers will continue with their normal operation.

When and at what time will the CDMX audio test on speakers be?

Next Sunday , April 11, at 11:00 am, the general speaker test will be broadcast in Mexico City.

Do not get scared! This will be the audio heard from the speakers

Is the loudspeaker test an earthquake drill?

No, this test is not a simulation of the earthquake, so the authorities ask not to vacate buildings, just to be pending.

Where to report CDMX speaker failures?

Any fault detected must be reported through the telephone lines of # 911CDMX and LOCATEL 55 56581111 SUAC www.atencionciudadana.cdmx.gob.mx

Source: Gobierno de la Ciudad de México

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