Forest fire is reported on the Totoltepec hill, part of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area


GUADALAJARA, JALISCO (April 10th, 2021).- Just a few days ago the forest fire was controlled in Guadalajara’s iconic “Bosque de la Primavera” and now the Totoltepec hill, in the municipality of Tlajomulco, Jalisco, is burning too.

In the state capital of Jalisco, just last April 6, the forest fire in the Bosque de la Primavera was completely consumed, which caused the health contingency to be declared in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara and today one more fire is reported in the Cerro de Totoltepec.

The incident is located around the Santa Cruz de Las Flores community, in the municipality of Tlajomulco, one of the several municipalities that make up the so-called Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.

According to the Tlajomulco City Council, the fire that is located a few kilometers from the Perla Tapatia is already being fought by Civil Protection Officers and Tlajomulco Firefighters and forest brigades.

On the part of the Tlajomulco Forest Brigade, there are 24 agents carrying out fire fighting tasks, in addition, there are 11 agents of the Forest Brigade of the Secretariat of Environment and Territorial Development (SEMADET) Center and three of Civil Protection and Firefighters of Tlajomulco.

The work of fighting the fire in Cerro de Totoltepec has also been started by air thanks to the Cuahutli helicopter of the Government of Jalisco.

Moments later, the SEMADET Santana and Delta 2 Brigades of the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) arrived to help, a pipe operated by staff from the State Civil Protection Unit and the Tláloc helicopter from Zapopan.

According to the first report from the authorities, it has been difficult to control the fire because of the meteorological conditions, such as the wind, the drought, and the dry grasslands.

For now, it has been clarified that there is no risk whatsoever for the human settlements located at the foot and on the slopes of Cerro de Totoltepec, however, local authorities have asked the population to be alert.

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