Second vaccine guaranteed to all seniors in Puerto Vallarta


Dr. Vladimir Atilano Barraza, director of the Eighth Health Region, assured that the second dose is guaranteed this Wednesday to all the grandparents of Puerto Vallarta.

He indicated that this Wednesday, at the 10 o’clock in the morning, 4 thousand doses had already been applied.

“We know that the day depends on the duration of the biological and we know that it lasts 5 days after defrosting and the second doses of the elderly are guaranteed, therefore, each person who received the first dose must be applied the second.

Yesterday a lot of influx, today it has been moderately and we have responded since it must be applied until completing those 21 thousand 500 doses ”.

He said that if those are applied this Wednesday, they will be warning that the goal has been met and the modules would no longer be opened, but if one or two modules have to be opened tomorrow because there were five people missing to be vaccinated, they have to do it until those are met. dose.

So this day at night the authorities will be meeting to see if all the modules will be opened or only some, depending on how many grandparents are missing to vaccinate.

He indicated that people should go to the module with their proof of the first vaccination, their INE and CURP. 

For what he made the call to people who do not have the first dose, do not go, since they will not be able to vaccinate them and there is still no date for them to arrive for them.


The Guadalajara Post