Father and son go missing in Monterrey while on their way from Jalisco to Laredo, Texas


On March 13th, father and son disappeared near the city of Monterrey, for which the Specialized Group for Immediate Search (GEBI) has issued a search report.

Juan Francisco Peña Cordoba , 50 years old; and Francisco Uriel Peña , 23, who left their home located in the municipality of EncarnaciónJalisco, at 4 in the morning on March 13th and were heading to LaredoTexas .

Both men were traveling in a white 2008 Chevrolet Pick Up truck with Georgia USA license plates, as announced by the Nuevo León Attorney General’s Office.

When was the last communication?

According to the wife and mother of the disappeared, around 10:30 in the morning on March 13, she communicated for the last time with her son, who told her that they were having lunch in Monterrey and they were going to head for Laredo right after lunch.

Minutes later, both her husband and her son went offline on WhatsApp, which seemed very strange to the woman.

And after not hearing from them in days, the lady filed a complaint with the Nuevo León State Investigation Agency, but so far no information has been given regarding the whereabouts of the two men.

Where have they been tracked?

Both in the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) and in hospitals, in the National Registry of Detentions, in the Monterrey Highway Division National Guard, among others, a search has been made of the disappeared, but all have yielded negative results.

Description of the missing

Juan Francisco Peña Cordoba , 50 years old, Mexican nationality. He is bald; with a light brown complexion, large nose, and light brown eyes; height 1.60 meters. His complexion is robust and as a particular sign he has a scar on his forehead.

Francisco Uriel Peña, 23 years old, an American citizen. He has straight black hair; a medium complexion, small nose, and large dark brown eyes; he is 1.65 meters tall. As particular signs, he has pierced ear lobes and a beard. He was wearing blue jeans, a black sweatshirt, a white T-shirt with black sleeves, red tennis shoes, and a black baseball cap.

If anybody have any information about the whereabouts of these two men please contact the following telephone numbers : 81 20 20 57 00 and 81 20 33 76 12 or send an email to aei.gebi@fiscalianl.gob.mx

Source: El Heraldo de Mexico

Monterrey Daily Post