Ecotourism will detonate the development in Isla Aguada, Campeche


International investors to invest 200 million dollars in the Playa Mundo Maya eco-hotel zone project.

The beauty of the beaches of Isla Aguada, attracted the attention of international real estate investors who are developing an eco-hotel zone, which they claim will be as important as the Riviera Maya and Tulum, but preserving all the environmental wealth that surrounds this tropical paradise located less than 50 kilometers from Ciudad del Carmen.

Playa Mundo Maya is the name of this development, which with an initial investment of 200 million dollars, will extend along 14 kilometers of white beaches and turquoise waters, located between Sabancuy and Isla Aguada towns.

“The Playa Mundo Maya project has been proposed by The Global Property Service Group, based in Mérida, Yucatán, and investors from the United States, Canada, Europe, Singapore, South Korea and Mexico participate in it,” said project director Raúl Alberto Gómezllanos Chaires.

“The expectation is that once the Mayan Train is operational, this ecotourism complex will compete with the most attractive destinations in the world, especially in the segment of honeymoons and health retreats,” added Gómezllanos.

In the first stage, the authorizations to begin with the construction of the Ah Kanal K’il development, which will have bungalows and a park of ecotourism activities, have already been obtained from the Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources, SEMARNAT. The project director detailed on other attractions that will be in place:

“Visitors will be able to enjoy zipline flights, kayaking, mountain bike tours, themed trails, fishing, and a tower for bird watching, as well as a space for the protection and conservation of the sea turtle in the place, for which there is already an office of the National Commission for Protected Areas, Conamp, which offers the necessary information to make visits to the nesting area,” Raúl Alberto explained.

According to the master plan, the complex will have two pool areas, a restaurant, beach club, shops, spa and even an exhibition center; and to support the generation of energy that will be used on site, it will have a solar energy area.

The developers of Playa Mundo Maya emphasize that special attention is being paid to environmental restrictions to respect issues as sensitive as respect for the space for turtle nesting and other things that were not done in the Riviera Maya and Tulum in Quintana Roo.

“Its a diamond, a jewel that must be protected with strategies to preserve species and the environment, and at the same time take advantage of to generate a social impact that improves the living conditions of the inhabitants of the area who will have employment in one of the the ecotourism projects that will be arriving,” project director Gómezllanos said.

One of them is the attractive concept of the Beach Bubbles ecological camp, in which, as its name implies, the accommodation is carried out in camping houses in the form of transparent bubbles that are installed on white sands and in front of the beach and that have two bedrooms and air conditioning.

The attraction of this luxurious accommodation option, which can cost between $200USD per night and up to $1450USD is that you have at hand the option of taking tours to the dolphin sanctuary in Laguna de Terminos, taking tours among the mangroves, visiting cenotes and even excursions to the archaeological sites of the region.

In addition, there are a dozen more projects that are being developed by very professional people with experience in ecotourism in different parts of the Mexican Republic, and one of them is the Jungle Gym or Gym in the Jungle.

“Playa Mundo Maya represents an option for those looking for something other than the Riviera Maya all-inclusive mass tourism resorts, in this case it is important to note that air connectivity is very good because Playa Mundo Maya is locating between two international airports, Campeche and Ciudad del Carmen, and very close to the archaeological zones of Edzna, and Calakmul, Palenque,” said the director of GPS-Group.

”As previously indicated, this area has the best beaches and many more natural attractions than the Riviera Maya or Tulum areas, and People in Campeche are realizing that tourism is where the future is, and never before has there been a proposal also established like the one now offered. Playa Mundo Maya,” Project director Raùl Gòmezllanos concluded.

Source: Tribuna Campeche

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