Another case of “knee to the neck”, now in Aguascalientes


During this weekend, a video went viral on social networks showing the moment in which a couple of Aguascalientes police officers subdue a man with excessive force, which is why Internet users described these events as an abuse of authority by police officers in Aguascalientes.

In the video recorded from inside a vehicle, a police officer can be seen lying on the ground struggling to immobilize the detainee, while a second policeman tries to subdue the man with his knee, however, the alleged offender resists, and the struggle lasts for more than a minute.

The Aguascalientes State Public Security Secretariat detailed through its social networks how the events reported on the streets of the San Francisco de Los Romo municipality happened and explained the reason that made the officers use excessive force.

“Salvador, 29 years old, was detected when he was walking on the street carrying a 40-inch TV screen, which seemed “suspicious” to the Public Security agents of the state of Aguascalientes and the Municipal Police of San Francisco de Los Romo, and it got more “suspicious” when the suspect attacked and injured an officer,” read the police report.

In its publication, the state Secretary of Public Security attached photos of the detainee and the 40-inch screen of which it could not prove ownership.

Source: Televisa Noticias

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