Two men shot in Mazatlan’s El Cid subdivision


Two men were shot to death tonight when they were traveling in a car on Julio Verdegué street in the El Cid subdivision.

Sinaloa.- Two men who were in a car were shot to death by gunmen this Saturday night in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

This attack occurred around 7:20 p.m. The men victims of this attack were traveling aboard a gray Volkswagen Jetta car, and were attacked by unknown persons in the El Cid subdivision area, on Julio Berdegué street, and near the Mazatlán baseball league.

Those killed were left in the pilot and copilot seats. At the moment they were not identified.

At first glance you could see that there were many shells around the Jetta. Veteran Firefighters paramedics came in two ambulances, but they could only confirm the death of the two men.

Mazatlán municipal police cordoned off the area and staff from the Sinaloa State Prosecutor’s Office attended to initiate investigations into the case.

It should be noted that apparently the bodywork has no impacts, that the gunmen managed to get very close to their victims and shot them at very close range, almost at “point blank range”.


The Mazatlan Post