Nightlife in Tulum unstoppable, some tourists say they do not fear COVID because “it does not exist”


Most of the restaurant-bars and terraces in Tulum exceed the allowed capacity of 60 percent.

In Tulum, Quintana Roo the nights are wild. The healthy distance, the antibacterial gel, and the mouth cover stayed at home, and many foreign tourists say they are not afraid of COVID because it does not exist.

“I have been partying for 3 days and I am not wearing a mask because all my relatives have already been vaccinated then, I no longer have anything to worry about. I'm not afraid of Covid, because I'm young, so if I get infected, nothing happens, ”said Emilio Rodríguez, a tourist from Monterrey.

"It seems like in Tulum there is no COVID, so I am not afraid of getting infected, so I am here now and when I return to Guadalajara, then I will have all the necessary precautions with my family, I will quarantine myself for 15 days and see what happens," said Miguel Ángel Dávila , a tourist from Guadalajara.

Despite the fact that Tulum is currently under an epidemiological yellow traffic light, the establishments that operate as restaurant-bars are crowded with tourists.

A large number of young tourists from the United States insist that the pandemic does not exist, they claim that the whole thing is a ‘fake’.

It seems to me that we need a commitment from civil society in general, the commitment and awareness of our visitors and also a heavy hand from the authority ”, said David Ortiz, president of the Tulum Hotel Association.

12 at night is the deadline for these types of terraces to close their doors to the public, but the reality is that the party and dancing continue after the scheduled time.

When it seems that the night has concluded, the sound of the drums in one of the streets bordering the main avenue of Tulum, announces that the party has not ended.

A batucada begins in the middle of the street, where around 80 people gathered, without a healthy distance, dancing to the rhythm of Brazilian music.

Only 2 women wore the mouth cover.

This Easter, a hotel occupancy of between 50 and 60% is expected in the state of Quintana Roo, with the arrival of around 340 thousand passengers by air, plus a few more thousands that drove to Tulum from other Mexican states.

Source: Televisa Noticias

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