Campeche: Young man rescues a boy drowning at sea and dies minutes later


Campeche.- The young Carlos CU, alias el Chino, lost his life as a hero when rescuing a minor who was drowning on a beach located in the Tierra y Libertad neighborhood of Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche.

The young man would have died of alleged food congestion when he entered the waters to save the life of a minor of approximately 8 years old who was close to drowning.

The events were recorded around 2:20 p.m. this Saturday when according to witnesses, a family with their children was on the beaches of that place and one of the minors took an inflatable and dived into the sea but the current pulled him out to sea.

Before what happened, Carlos without thinking entered the waters and swam to where the little one was, without imagining that he would be the one who would lose his life and not the youngest.

The sad thing about the case was that the family of the minor saved when they saw what was happening, decided to leave the place without caring that the man died. 

Witnesses, how they could, dragged him to the shore and requested the support of an ambulance, arriving a few minutes later, paramedics from the Red Cross and elements of the Civil Protection Department, who began to provide first aid to the man but he no longer responded.

The body was covered with a sheet until the arrival of experts from the Forensic Medical Service, who lifted the body and transferred it to the amphitheater of the Vice Prosecutor’s Office of Campeche.


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